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  1. This is not working, we're messaging hours a part. I'll DM you my private contact info.
  2. Just saw this. Will look at this tomorrow. Definitely can't have the GUI open if you are doing this through the commandline
  3. I'm around right now, we're probably on different time zones. (I'm in PST) I'm also available most of tomorrow. Let me know what works.
  4. In your flirc.ini, can you make sure that libusb logging is enabled? libusb = false ; Log libusb events. <-- change this to true. I know my fix worked for a bunch of people, we can do a team viewer so I can look at it if the log doesn't show anything.
  5. I'm positive it's a firmware issue, but I can't for the life of me reproduce this. Can you guys post your OS version, your hardware version, whether it's USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports? Any other information. A picture of device manager when it boots into this 'bad state'. Etc. Here is the latest firmware, upload the correct sku for your hardware. Once I see the problem, I'll have a fix pushed in seconds, but there is no reason for you guys to keep waiting anymore. I'm really sorry. nemo.release.bin dori.release.bin
  6. Thanks for the extra info. I haven't been able to reproduce this yet with multiple flircs and pc's and usb ports. I must be missing something. Not to worry, I can always give you guys the old firmware, but let me continue looking, I'm sure I'll find it shortly. Today wasn't the best from a time perspective, I was split amongst a few things, but this is considered red hot urgent.
  7. In this state, does the GUI detect flirc and no buttons work? Or the GUI doesn't recognize it?
  8. If you go into file->advanced Can you tell me the sku you guys are using?
  9. I was not seeing these posts, I will see if I can figure this out immediately.
  10. no, but what's your intention?
  11. Oof, my bad. I released it. I never followed up here. Grab my latest version and then do a flirc_util record toggle
  12. yes, that's exactly how flirc-se works. Also, if you have a regular flirc, record the 'wake' key, and it'll only wake the computer with that paired key. It's on the keyboard controller next to F12
  13. http://flirc.io/config/ But you can't really figure out what remote button belongs to each hash... That's as good as I have at the moment. Let me know if it's of any help.
  14. Stored on the device, so you can bring it to a friends computer, or this new computer, and it will work with your previously paired remote with no pairing or additional software needed.
  15. Once paired with a remote you don’t need to have the GUI running nor should it. It may even cause issues.
  16. I’m done. But I’ll need till next week to actually post it.
  17. Awesome, glad it’s up and running the way you like
  18. Awesome, glad it’s up and running the way you like
  19. I'll need a week, and I'll post something you can try out.
  20. Depends on your harmony. You have to see what happens in the ‘activity’ you created. If you said it to turn on your TV, make sure it was on the same input, and then ‘wake’ up your android, it might arbitrarily be sending the home key to get it to wake. You can change that to ‘back’.
  21. I can do this now. Let me know how you'd like this to work. Here are some of my thoughts: We can have an enable/disable or a toggle button? My initial hesitation with implementing this was that there is no visual feedback if the device is enabled or disabled. I see many pissed off spouses. This is going to make functionality frustrating. See below: From a practicality point of view, it would be easier to separate these. Meaning if we had an enable/disable button, then we would be able to know for certain which state flirc is in. If a user is insistent on keeping this in a single button, they could long press into an enable or disable. If they are separated, you need more buttons on your remote, unless you long press, but this has drawbacks. I see many people not being certain if it's enabled or disabled, so they press down harder and longer on their remote. If we do have a toggle, I need to block all buttons from being received for 3 seconds. Otherwise, the state can toggle back and forth. I'm really inclined to have an enable and disable button. And I'll probably hide these in the cli, I 'm going to have a customer support nightmare if this doesn't remain an advanced feature.
  22. Under Controllers->Media Keys, there are keys to sleep the machine as well as keys to do system wide media player keys (app doesn't have to be in focus). Let me know if there is something else missing from the windows media center key shortcut list.
  23. I read your PM, and what it sounds like is the following: You have flirc programmed, and installed in the pi. You go to your other PC, and ssh into it. When you press on your remote control buttons, they don't show up in your SSH remote session, is that right? If so, that's actually expected. The SSH session is a virtual console into the machine. Your mouse and keyboard are plugged into the machine, and on another 'virtual console'. Actually the display manager. Whatever is showing up on the HDMI interface, is assigned to this same virtual console (display manager 0). You wont see keystrokes unless you are looking at the monitor.
  24. Basically we only see the button when you press it, and nothing indicating you are still holding it down. Were you holding it down when you captured it? Is the verizon remote a universal remote too (Does it control other devices)?
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