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  1. I really think that this issue is with USB 3.0 ports. As this is a pretty new standard, new silicon in PC's are going to crop up and issues will be revealed. This is directly from the libusb website: Flirc ships with libusb-1.0.8. This will definitely help us push towards a new release and update the included driver. Luckily, the libusb driver is only used to communicate with flirc to learn keys, however, once it does learn the keys, flirc should work on the USB 3.0 hardware without any issues since the part that is important is the USB HID keyboard. Hope that makes sense. Thanks guys.
  2. Just curious, this is your motherboard's driver? Did it have drivers before or did you upgrade? How did you come about going to their website? I'd like to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. I'm glad it's working now, thanks so much papreston.
  3. I may need to update the libusb driver included in flirc, however, I'm not sure if the following suggestion will get you the latest, but it's worth a shot. Make sure Flirc is closed. Download a tool called zadig The tool is official and part of the libusb development tree for windows. You'll need a tool like 7zip to unzip the utility. When you run it, find the flirc device in the pull down, and make sure you click WinUSB from the second pull down. Then click Install/Reinstall Driver. Try running flirc again. You can see screen shots attached for reference. Let me know if you have any luck.
  4. I agree with Chris. This will definitely be fine. Flirc uses USB 1.1, there would be no advantage to use 2.0 in flirc. The difference between the two electrically, is speed. The quality and integrity of the digital USB signal is directly effected by both the length (which results in more resistance), and the quality of the cable (impedance). All that being said, USB 1.1 is much slower than 2.0, I'm comfortable in saying that standard extensions will all be fine given that the quality and length wont effect the signal at that USB 1.1 frequency. Also, the extension chord that you showed is compliant for USB 2.0 speeds, which will definitely means there is excessive margin for the lower USB 1.1 speed. Also, since that is an active cable, you don't have to worry about the cable itself. There is a small circuit in the cable which power steals from the USB power and does something called conditioning. It will clean the signal which gets 'dirty' from the cable before passing it to flirc.
  5. Thanks so much for the followup. I'm really surprised though. When you recorded the 'second' key that used the same IR code, the GUI should have said this button is already recording.
  6. I don't think so. However, I do think you can probably map 'update library' to a keyboard shortcut. Then use flirc and link a remote button to that new keyboard shortcut. See the following thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=118316 Let us know if you have any luck.
  7. Yeah I'm going to follow up again tonight with something to try. I'll post something shortly.
  8. I'm hoping to have these out sooner. The added demand from the xbmc.org article was great but it nearly killed me. The additional time I gave myself for the next build will help me figure out logistics. I don't want to spend that much time packaging /shipping/printing and cutting labels again. It was bitter sweet. :)
  9. Which OS are you guys using? 64 bit/ 32 bit / 7 etc
  10. This is actually in the next version that's unreleased. Code is already checked into the tree and is up and running. It's long over due, some of the icons aren't obvious.
  11. Thanks for the update, let me know how it goes. Long key presses shouldn't work, unless however the end of the day means you have your lights on and the light is interfering with the signal. Either way, I'm interested to see where this goes.
  12. Did you try with the stock firmware? Or have you tried the beta?
  13. Do you have gchat? Maybe we can walk through a few things together tomorrow. Let me know.
  14. Hi. Unfortunately, flirc shows up as a USB keyboard to the computer and in that specification, it doesn't have support for the feature you are suggesting. It's not impossible for me to do this but I don't have this planned at the moment with a full plate. Certainly stay tuned to my blog just in case I do this in the future.
  15. I'm extremely puzzled by this. Selfish question, do you have another machine you can try this on? Everything looks fine and there shouldn't be a reason the GUI can't find flirc. Are you familiar with windows command prompt?
  16. Sorry, I missed all this good action. Don't use the fw_repeat, use the wake v6 which has built in support for fw_repeat. I may have a bug in the fw_repeat firmware, it's been a while since I looked at it and wouldn't rule it out. It doesn't make sense that every time you plug into Linux, it ends up in the bootloader. Perhaps the configuration got messed up. Try doing a flirc format, and starting fresh. Save your config, and should it ever end up in the bootloader again do the following: flirc dfu --leave Save your configuration again and post both. Let me know if those suggestions help.
  17. Is this a USB 3.0 port? Could you try a different port? Sorry you are having trouble, you can ping me on gchat if you would like.
  18. Yes, this certainly shows that the device is found by windows and installed properly. Have you rebooted?
  19. Could you go into device manager and attach a screen shot?
  20. jason

    dandirk setup

    Incredible. What an awesome setup. Surely something everyone dreams to achieve one day. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Here is another, although I can't understand much: http://www.itavisen.no/893987/bruk-hvilken-som-helst-fjernkontroll
  22. I'm going to pursue lower international shipping rates soon because I'm getting product packaging. It should help things as I wont have to individually bubble wrap everything. Follow up with me via email, I can work something out with you in the mean time.
  23. Hey There - Edit ** I can't believe you beat me to this Chris, I was typing a reply when I saw yours. I'm going to continue with the reply as well just to make sure everything is covered. ** Never hesitate to ask as my questions as possible. It helps everyone that comes to visit. Just let me know if I've missed anything. Yes, you can definitely face this towards the wall. Mine is in my mac mini, and behind my television, pointed at the wall. It picks up everything without a problem. I even made the case clear because I didn't like the compromise I had to make for the sensitivity when going with any other color. But as Chris pointed out, there are limitations inherent in the 'line of site' model. I don't think you will have any problem. As Chris pointed out, the wake from sleep will probably work. However, I'm working on a brand new implementation that will probably do the trick. You can follow the forum and as always, you can return flirc should you not be happy. Thanks again Chris.
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