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  1. I have something better planned. Not to worry.
  2. Follow up with me via email, let's get you a new one to try.
  3. okay, I'm convinced your flirc isn't good. your hashes don't look good. Have I sent you a replacement yet?
  4. What profile in your settings? Have you tried the samsung and panasonic remote profiles?
  5. what remote are you using?
  6. Yes, upload your config. Is this only with the beta release? Something seems to be mucked up. Maybe I'll send you a new one. Could you post the output of flirc_util settings ? Don't need the beta image for this to work.
  7. does your flirc work with any other remote?
  8. Yeah that's really slick.
  9. Awesome, so glad that helped. What is your motherboard make and manufacturer? I was just replying agreeing with Chris' suggestion. Glad you are up and running.
  10. That's the logitech harmony software. Go back into the software, click troubleshoot on the device: "Responds to some commands either too many times or only occasionally" Change that to zero. Should do the trick.
  11. jason

    Working great.

    Thanks so much for the posts! Great to see some positive feedback, I really appreciate it. Not to worry, you can do this with the shell, flirc record backspace, or flirc record delete. Windows / Linux ships with the shell, the mac doesn't, let me know if you need it for the mac.
  12. Yes, anything that supports a USB keyboard. XBOX, Play station, Apple TV. Just need to do the pairing on a supported operating system, and then you can move your flirc anywhere that has USB.
  13. I'm going to squeeze this into the next release that's well over due, but coming shortly.
  14. Awesome, thanks so much for sharing. What kind of remote do you have? Looks great!
  15. Hi wastaal, can you post your configuration?
  16. Glad you are up and running. The IR sensitivity was no accident. = ) I have mine on the back of my mini, pointing towards my wall, behind my television and it never misses a beat.
  17. Ah, so then it looks like it was a remote issue? Thanks for updating us, I'll have to add these to my list to look at. Thanks so much, keep us posted.
  18. Hey there, I'm so sorry you are having trouble. Can you try clearing your configuration, and starting over, or have you done that? If you've already done that, could you record a few buttons and upload your config here? I'd like to take a look. Also, what are your remote models? Thanks, and so sorry about this. I'll figure out what's going on.
  19. Download the latest release here: http://www.flirc.tv/downloads_windows/ Then, if needed, install the zadig tool again to override the driver.
  20. Flirc definitely works on Mountain lion without any drivers. Thats where I do all my development. Windows 8 has a current workaround: https://flirc.clarify-it.com/d/epnthl I'm working hard on a fix for windows 8. I actually have a contract out on rentacoder to help make me a signed driver. So sorry for the trouble krnsripati, glad you are up and running and happy new years.
  21. This may pertain to you, let us know: "NEC/Renesas USB 3.0 users, please upgrade your drivers to version or later. Older versions of the driver have a bug that prevents libusbx from accessing devices."
  22. Great, glad to hear you are up and running.
  23. Can you guys list out your motherboards that experience this issue? I'm going to pick one up.
  24. These are windows 8 instructions, but should be applicable: https://flirc.clarify-it.com/d/epnthl Please try re-installing the drivers with the zadig tool, and let me know how that goes. Thanks mrsquish. (I sound ridiculous saying that)
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