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  1. Shouldn't be happening. Could you do a few things. Could you upload your configuration file to this forum, and could you also try uploading the 1.0 firmware again. It's right here: Download We'll get it sorted out.
  2. Try bios settings, removing boot from usb support.
  3. Thanks so much for posting this
  4. The receiver in flirc is tuned for 38khz, anything really far beyond or below that and it starts to have trouble. 455 is a proprietary frequency that beo uses to control their devices. But the beo4 remote is capable of being a universal controller which can still control other standard consumer devices. So just like any other universal controller, you would need to add a `samsung` device. There are people using this remote with flirc.
  5. I believe it's the power supply. It's not just the voltage and current capacity that matters, but the quality. These small little power supplies are called switching power supplies. They turn off and on rapidly charging and discharging an inductor/capacitor. The cheap ones have a lot of switching noise on what's supposed to be a stable '5 volts'. If you look at the output, you'll see it looks like this: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSxE9mD2JzLoeLWI0xjBdL_egsW4r_emuF_2y-gFepzWHXY4UCM At any rate, try using another one. Because it's disconnecting leads me to believe it's definitely a power supply issue.
  6. I heard a very strange thing that you have to have usb devices plugged into rpi+openelec when the system boots. I don't have one to try this on, but that's probably what's going on. Let me know.
  7. When did you download the GUI? I posted a new version recently that should have updated drivers and better windows 8 support. Let me know if you can give that a shot.
  8. Windows it's in the folder: Program Files \ Flirc\ cli \ Linux: just type in all lowercase: flirc Mac: not shipping it. All of them you can get in the beta section of this forums. Including the raspberry pi version.
  9. okay, just another day or so, I'm going to release a gui update too. I'm almost there. I'll point you to the release forum.
  10. Don't worry, I'm already convinced everyone's issues are real. This isn't a hardware problem, I test every one I sell, so it's definitely environmental and firmware inhibited. I'll post a fix tomorrow. I'm not going to leave you guys hanging.
  11. I'm going to post an update this weekend to address this. Keep a close eye on the beta forum. I'm going to put in a bit of noise detection, this feature will have to be enabled, (not on by default). Various updates are coming along with a new beta GUI. Not to worry guys, I've had a proposed fix in for a while, I just have to publish it.
  12. My sincere pleasure and the least I can do, XBMC is the reason why I started flirc. I only wish I had more time to poor into it, with a full time job and a new born baby, I'm working literally non-stop. Ah, makes sense. I'll see if I can get android on the raspberry pi up and running to see if the same thing happens. Although, it could be the USB chip in there, which is probably just the phy on the Nvidia tegra, so really I should just try and find a development kit at work. ;)
  13. Yes, thanks for the update! That's great it's up and running. Very strange, I would have never guessed that setting changes from OS to OS. How did everyone get an Ouya? I was going to try this but it's still on pre-order.
  14. Do you have this auto-repeat issue when you plug the device into another system? May be an excuse for me to purchase an Ouya. Let me know. I guess this looks like an Android problem, unless I'm mistaken.
  15. I'll have a fix for this, in the mean time, record every button twice. This is due to the particular remote protocol. Thanks Brad.
  16. I don't support mouse keys at the moment. I would look into your xbmc install, there should be a keyboard.xml file. Try looking there.
  17. I think this is your port of XBMC and the keyboard shortcut associated with back. Plugin a keyboard, try and get back, and pair that key.
  18. jason

    Thank You!

    Love posts like this, thanks so much and glad it's working out.
  19. So sorry for the delay, I'll figure it out. @kalhimeo Could you do one more thing. Do you have another machine that you can try it on? anti_ had the right idea by moving to another room without IR. I'm going to have a fix soon in the next revision of the firmware for this kind of thing, but for now, kalhimeo, your 'noise' source might very well be your computer. Give that a shot, I wont leave you hanging.
  20. Awesome, thanks so much for posting that.
  21. That's awesome. Thanks so much for posting.
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