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  1. Can you guys try the 'select' button from the nvidia profile and let me know if that one works?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Let's separate a few things out so we're all on the same page. Clear your configuration after loading the firmware, and try the functionality. If you have to 'override' the button, meaning, in my application, you have to go to the keyboard controller, or the kodi controller, and manually record the button in question on the harmony, report what you're recording in my application to get it to work. For example, AudioNextLanguage, Keyboard controller Ctrl+'L'. or on the kodi controller, the button you used to get it to work. It's possible just have my keyboard shortcuts wrong. Firmware 4.7.0 Button Harmony Override Red Button working xxxx CodecInfo ? ? AudioNextLanguage ? ? Play ? ? Pause ? ? Firmware 4.9.1 Button Harmony Override Red Button working xxxx CodecInfo ? ? AudioNextLanguage ? ? Play ? ? Pause ? ?
  3. dori.release-4.7.0.binLet's take the guess work out of this. Here is an older version. You can revert back and let me know what is in fact working on the previous version, and what is not work on this version, so we can narrow down the issue being the remote, or flirc. Thanks guys, really appreciate the help.
  4. dori.release-4.9.2.binnemo.release-4.9.2.bin I see what I missed, give this a shot.
  5. I'm going to address this today. What generation of flirc do you guys have?
  6. With the following button shown in my GUI, it's on the controllers->media keys page.
  7. The logitech profiles for shield and firetv are different codes, so both devices should not respond when in the same room. Just remember to disable the built in profile for the device you don't want to listen too. For example, in the shield, pop it in to a computer, and go to file->advanced, and disable the firetv profile, and vice versa. It might be better to do what you are doing since logitech has not updated their buttons in so long, they are missing a number of buttons on each device now. = (
  8. Yup, I am on some time off, but am working this week. I'll send you beta firmware. I re-wrote my entire IR stack. I have an architecture now to easily add protocols, decode, and denon is already done. I'll post a section for a beta release this week.
  9. I need to touch base with NVIDIA. I’m not sure why it’s not working yet. I’m worried they are blocking anyone but their remote from doing this.
  10. My pleasure, really so sorry about the trouble. It looks like everyone having issues is using windows. Other operating systems ignored the report descriptor issue, but windows USB has always been a nightmare. It was the main motivation for the second generation Flirc which has a custom USB stack and uses only HID, which run completely driverless to avoid windows problems.
  11. Unplug, restart, and give it another go. I think windows is just confused because it's stuck in a bad state from last firmware.
  12. Yeah. Have you tried restarting or using a different USB port? We can do a team viewer session
  13. gen1 isn't supported with remote buddy. It's unfortunately not possible with the microprocessor I used.
  14. let's do a team viewer session. Let me know if you are free tomorrow.
  15. Oh I'm so sorry, I modified the content and forgot to update the CRC. Try the attached. Sunrise_Flirc_updated.fcfg
  16. You can't just re-load the configuration file. Re-learning the keys is necessary because I'm using new USB codes. I've edited your config file. Load this up and try that. Sunrise_Flirc.fcfg
  17. Wait. Flirc can’t work with Bluetooth, I’m not following?
  18. If you did the flirc.ini changes, a flirc.log file should have been created and put on your desktop, do you see that?
  19. Go to Program Files (x86) \ Flirc\ edit flirc.ini Change loglevel = 5 and change all false words to true. Run the app again, and let's see the log.
  20. Okay, I think I got it. Everyone was using windows, and there was something that needed to be fixed in my report descriptor and it looks like other OS's were more lenient. Sorry, please try the attached. File->advanced to get your sku, and then do file->upgrade ,and upload one of the attached. gen 1 devices can use the flirc-gen1v3.12.bin file nemo.release-4.9.1.bindori.release-4.9.1.bin flirc-gen1-v3.12.bin
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