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  1. I have only seen this in one place before, which is on Cortex ARM-A7's, there seems to be a bug in the upstream kernel. The only way I was able to circumvent this was by increasing my USB-Poll time. I need to have time to continue to debug it, but it's a fairly complicated issue. I wouldn't rule out that there is something wrong with the hardware just yet. Can you try different ports on the computer? Is this a hub? Directly on the PC? USB 2.0, or 3.0 Hub? The bug is just with the pairing software, should not prevent flirc from working correctly. The issue with the double record is most likely the protocol you have setup on the harmony. Some alternate patterns on every press to help detect when the user let go of the button, or someone walked in front of the remote. On the harmony software, add manufacturer Flirc, device: Kodi.
  2. Yeah. I’ll post this next week
  3. Looks like it’s working now. No keys are paired. Did you try pairing something with it and running that command again?
  4. Yup, I'll get to it. Thanks so much for hanging in there, sorry for the confusion. For anyone wondering how the hell that worked, here is a brief explanation. The USB keycode for the '+' is in the USB usage table spec, found here: https://www.usb.org/sites/default/files/documents/hut1_12v2.pdf On Page 55, the keypad '+' has the decimal code 87 flirc_util record_api 'usage table' 'key0' 'key1' They keyboard usage table for flirc is always 1. Key0 is the modifier. They are logically or'd together: #define MOD_CTRL_LEFT (1<<0) #define MOD_SHIFT_LEFT (1<<1) #define MOD_ALT_LEFT (1<<2) #define MOD_COMMAND_LEFT (1<<3) #define MOD_CTRL_RIGHT (1<<4) #define MOD_SHIFT_RIGHT (1<<5) #define MOD_ALT_RIGHT (1<<6) #define MOD_COMMAND_RIGHT (1<<7) So if you want left_control and alt_right, it would be (1<<6) | (1<<0) = 0100 0001 in binary, and in hex: 0x41. or 65 in decimal. flirc_util record 65 87 would be alt+ctrl and keyboard `+` I should update the commandline to accept hex instead of decimal. I'll do that now and push it in the next update.
  5. Try this: flirc_util record_api 1 0 87
  6. I've pushed an update. Make sure you are on the latest one. 3.11.0 is the latest, it'll stop nagging once you update.
  7. AI'll update the GUI to include this. For now, you can use the commandline; flirc_util record + or flirc_util.exe record + Let me know if you need help.
  8. Awesome, thanks for letting me know. Sorry everyone.
  9. The directional are just keyboard keys, the others are from the media controller.
  10. There is no 3.12, I'll push an update to address this. Sorry about that.
  11. So once you have the button working. Take the remote, open my app. Go to file->advanced and change the recording mode to long press. Then record the button again with the second function. Short pressing the button will do the first action, the second action will be sent out if you hold on to it longer than 1.5 seconds.
  12. I'm going to make an addition to the GUI for this soon. But for now, anyone looking to do this can do it through the commandline. flirc_util record - or flirc_util.exe record - or flirc_util record + or flirc_util.exe record + To see how to use the commandline, pull up the documentation.
  13. and yes, it's because it's not IR. You are basically pairing the same functionality of the shield remote into another IR remote. So that when you press those buttons on your remote, they do those same functions as the bluetooth remote on the shield.
  14. Try using the volume up and down icons from the media controller window.
  15. Download my software to your comuter. Launch that. Go to file-> controllers Nvidia Shield Gen2. Grab your celestron remote, and then pair the buttons on my GUI with your crestron remote.
  16. What the harmony sends is completely ambiguous. Generic IR signals that I pre-map to functionality. The reason something might be broken is because I updated all the mappings by hand to match my new USB report ID table, which is compatible with the new shield. Without getting too technical, it's not the most elegant way to do things and is prone to mistakes.
  17. File - clear configuration then use my software and teach the remote to Flirc again.
  18. Can you guys try the 'select' button from the nvidia profile and let me know if that one works?
  19. Thanks for the feedback. Let's separate a few things out so we're all on the same page. Clear your configuration after loading the firmware, and try the functionality. If you have to 'override' the button, meaning, in my application, you have to go to the keyboard controller, or the kodi controller, and manually record the button in question on the harmony, report what you're recording in my application to get it to work. For example, AudioNextLanguage, Keyboard controller Ctrl+'L'. or on the kodi controller, the button you used to get it to work. It's possible just have my keyboard shortcuts wrong. Firmware 4.7.0 Button Harmony Override Red Button working xxxx CodecInfo ? ? AudioNextLanguage ? ? Play ? ? Pause ? ? Firmware 4.9.1 Button Harmony Override Red Button working xxxx CodecInfo ? ? AudioNextLanguage ? ? Play ? ? Pause ? ?
  20. dori.release-4.7.0.binLet's take the guess work out of this. Here is an older version. You can revert back and let me know what is in fact working on the previous version, and what is not work on this version, so we can narrow down the issue being the remote, or flirc. Thanks guys, really appreciate the help.
  21. dori.release-4.9.2.binnemo.release-4.9.2.bin I see what I missed, give this a shot.
  22. I'm going to address this today. What generation of flirc do you guys have?
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