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  1. Hi Eddie, have you seen the documentation: https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/universal-remote-controls/logitech-harmony-remote-controls.html
  2. This happens occasionally. It’s a false positive. Everything is written from the ground up or open source. I would never do something like thIs. Thanks for letting us know.
  3. jason

    Bugs in 3.1.0

    Version issue should be fixed. If you update to the latest. @yawor is correct, I believe it's an MCE issue. Go to advanced, and disable the Windows MCE profile, see if that helps the keys being 'too' sensitive. Please let me know if that works.
  4. Very happy to hear that. Thanks so much for letting me know.
  5. Yes sorry, unfortunately I don't know if I can do apt link forwarding. I'm giving up on hosting a repo. It was a shit ton of work, every distro is different, and each version of the distro is different. Packaging cloud is a service where you send them a package, they sign it, and host it in compliance. Brilliant, sorry I didn't think of it. You'll need to update that. No 32 bit binary at the moment unfortunately, can't figure out how to get Travis to build one yet without doing a docker.
  6. Yeah. Here is what you need to do. You need to hook up Flirc to your PC. Flirc is going to become an IR transmitter. You're going to put the B&O remote's receiver facing the flirc, right up against it, and put it in learning mode. NVIDIA's profile has 7 buttons, attached a pic. Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Back, Home. You need to output the IR waveforms for these buttons. I've attached a text file: nvidia.txt In this text file, it shows the 'command number' :: 'waveform' for example, the first line: 0x0 :: 0,4900,4900,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,840,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,6580,840,840,840,1680,840,840,1680,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840 0 is the command up (as noted in the screenshot attached). the waveform follows after the '::' So we want to put your B&O into learning mode for the 'up' button. Then emit this waveform from flirc using my commandline application. Not sure which OS you're using, but you can use my documentation to find the commandline app: https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/command-line-interface-guide.html To get Flirc to send that particular code, you'd issue the following command: flirc_util send_ir_raw 0,4900,4900,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,840,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,6580,840,840,840,1680,840,840,1680,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840 If you were on windows, you'd need: flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,4900,4900,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,840,840,1680,840,1680,840,1680,840,6580,840,840,840,1680,840,840,1680,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840,840 Then you'd repeat the process for all of the keys. The transmitter in flirc isn't great. It's about 1mm wide. So remember, you have to have the B&O very close, line of sight. Let me know if that makes sense. Sorry for the delay, traveling.
  7. Yea, Flirc needs to output the NVIDIA IR protocol for bang to capture it so it can later repeat it. What OS are you on? Can you run a commandline command?
  8. Uncheck the built-in profiles, let me know if that does anything. Also, what version of firmware are you on?
  9. I'm sorry for the delay guys. Something will come before the end of the year. I'm going to get back to firmware very shortly. I had a ton of stuff I had to finish outside of this. I'll post a blog update soon. Long story short, I scoured the internet, and found this project: https://blog.gimx.fr I reached out to him and asked him to possibly port some of his firmware to libopencm3, where I use just the USB stack. He was extremely nice, ported that over, and now I've got to work on integrating that into the rest of my firmware. I need some more time before I can get to this specifically, but it'll be completed before christmas.
  10. Yeah, definitely possible. We just need to figure out what the key mappings are.
  11. hint: http://blog.flirc.tv/index.php/2017/09/06/new-product-up-and-running/ Everything is working, but packaging/tooling/etc, will be a 2018 release unfortunately. Moving as fast as I can.
  12. It wont work with the firetv stick through hdmi. I'm working on a product to address this.
  13. Sorry, you're feeding me bits of information. Could have been the device upgrade too. Do you remember when this happened? When did you get it, when did you do the upgrade? If you put flirc into a computer, open up wordpad, textpad, then press the activity button on your remote, are any keys sent to the pc? Can you describe the activity a bit? Did you use my software to pair your flirc with your logitech remote? If you did, you don't need to, since the keys are built in. If you go to file->advanced, you'll see there are a bunch of built in profiles. It's possible that something in your activity is in the built in rom table, or a recorded key. Flirc wont wake up the machine if a signal is received that's not recorded.
  14. Can you elaborate, what's the issue you are having?
  15. There are two issues. One is a new feature on amazon's firetv. They added a feature for long press to get up another menu. I've tried to get in touch with Amazon for over a year, their team disbanded, and I'm trying to make a new contact. I got in touch with someone from another department last week, and they are trying to put me in touch with someone. I don't have a timeline for that because I don't know what the issue is. I need Amazon's assistance. The second issue is a new firmware feature long presses. Which will allow you to assign another button to an existing signal. Press the button quickly, get one command, long press it, get another. That's a firmware feature that will come on the new hardware and a release will most likely be ready before the end of the year. I've done a lot this year, and I've had regular blog updates that talk about my accomplishments. I even have a new status board page to create transparency: https://flirc.tv/status_board If I miss something, take @hamptonhills approach, be nice about it. But I work 7 days a week, and can't afford to hire someone. I do the best I can, being an asshole about it doesn't help anyone.
  16. Yeah, shield runs android tv, so sleep will work on it. Should also wake it up. I'm not sure how you would do voice with bravia, does the remote have a microphone? It would need to relay that info back to your shield, not sure it can. Or did I miss something?
  17. I've made like 30 releases this year, who said it wasn't coming? I'm one guy, it's coming.
  18. Controller-> media keys volume up and down are there
  19. Thanks so much! want to post your config? I'll take a look
  20. There is a static version available: https://flirc.tv/ubuntu-software-installation-guide I list the dependencies, it should work on every version on linux.
  21. I've pushed a firmware update, which adds support for the wake key in gen2. So any key will wake the machine, unless you record the dedicated wake key, in which case, only the wake key will wake the machine. Still always enabled. I will implement a way to disable waking the machine up from sleep sometime in the near future. Let me know if that is of any help now. If you are still having issues, let me know. I'll figure it out.
  22. flirc has a bunch of noise rejection. But the fact that it's inhibiting flirc from working means that it's non stop actively spitting it out. Nothing I can do about that as it's inserting itself in the middle of real remote signals. Try putting your sensor behind the TV.
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