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  1. I see the issue, need to discuss with yawor how to proceed, hang tight.
  2. Yes, I've been super swamped with black friday and cyber monday. Super swamped. We have an update that should allow you to do this. I'll try and push this in the next day or so. all credit to @yawor, who whipped up all the code to allow a plugin style architecture.
  3. Glad you are up and running. Thanks so much, sorry for the bump getting started. Thanks so much for letting me know. Means a lot.
  4. I have that remote, not sure I see that problem, I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Can you do another log like you just did, cycle through the arrow keys, and then end on the okay button ,basically simulating as if you were doing the recordings until the error? Thanks so much.
  5. Nah nothing you can really try. Honestly, I don't want to support the old version so much anymore as it's not time effective. It's just me, and Yawor is amazing, but is a volunteer. We gave it a couple tries, not worth debugging any more beyond this. I'll still push a couple updates to the old one, but all the new features are coming to the new one. Unplug all the hardware, and see if the GUI works/updates. If it doesn't work without any hardware, the GUI wont work with the new version of hardware. These are two separate issues though. I got your PM, I'll get you a replacement.
  6. I don't know why the app is crashing on OSX 9.5, I can't even install it to try. However, can you try running it with out the flirc present? Let's rule out that it's a problem with flirc + gui and not just the GUI. Also, it's not worth pulling our hair out over this. Shoot me a PM, I'll replace yours with the new one.
  7. It's not the remote, but the recorded signals which are recorded noise. Give it a shot and try it again. Let us know.
  8. updates wont work, it's now only a 64 bit app. It was too hard to make a universal app and apple is officially not supporting them anymore making it increasingly difficult to compile 32 bit compatible apps.
  9. Can we rule out if it's OSMC? Can you try downloading Kodi on your mac and seeing how it runs on that?
  10. Can you post your configuration?
  11. ugh, yes, I'm working on a cross platform application launcher, called App Pad. Similar to Apple's launch pad for every OS. I've hired a contractor to do it and he's gone missing for 3 months. apppad.io It was supposed to have been completed. Really is the best solution to your problem as you can pair the 'launch' key to any remote key and then swap apps. The blog will have an official release announcement. Sorry it's not done yet. I wish I were proficient in electron.
  12. I think we're all a bit puzzled a bit with the minimal responses and not quite enough info. What you've posted showed that things are working, but you are saying it's not working. I'm just afraid I don't quite understand what isn't working about it. Do you want a replacement to try? If so, shoot me a PM.
  13. Yes, that's the one. The log looks fine though. It sees valid signals and it looks correct. When you click on a button to record and press a remote button, what happens?
  14. Don,t press up on your keyboard, do it on your remote control.
  15. jason

    Bugs in 3.1.0

    nice call @yawor. I was pretty upset thinking I needed to keep looking at this. This was on my list for a while and required the migration to qt 5.x. I'll put this in the documentation.
  16. Hmm. That’s fucking crazy. Send me a log. I’ll figure it out. You can find out how to enable logging in the doc on the downloads page https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/title-page.html sorry in advance. I’m a bit drunk
  17. wrong log file... Why don't you send me an email at support@flirc.tv and I'll figure out how to get you a replacement.
  18. Status is erroneous, sorry about that. Also, getting variant isn't an issue. I created a bunch of units for Amazon, and they wanted an identifier. After the team got let go this kinda fell through and repurposed all the flircs as generic. Ignore it. Everything looks like it's working fine. The first version is not capable of logging the IR signal. Maybe some day in the future, but not right now. Was there a particular reason you wanted that? It's only useful for me to look at problematic remotes without being at the customers house.
  19. Can you enable IR Debugging. File->Device Log. Enable debugging. Then press some buttons on your remote and paste the output here.
  20. Ah, so I think the network switch uses the USB hub. You must have confused it and messed with the same hub that flirc was attached too.
  21. Does it work if you unplug/plug in the flirc? Are you using an extension cable? If yes, don't. Have you tried all USB ports? Can you do a dmesg of the output after you plug in the flirc when networking cable is already attached?
  22. No, I'm working on remotebuddy integration soon and this feature will be possible. It is currently not something that's possible at the moment. I'm really sorry about that. I think something will come by the end of this year. I was unaware that the apple remote had that functionality. If I had known, I would have done something much sooner.
  23. That feature is not supported in the first generation of hardware
  24. jason

    Bugs in 3.1.0

    Yeah so to be clear. Disable the WMC profile and record your keys manually. Record each key twice. For example. Record up. The. Record up again. That’ll fix it. We we know what the issue is and Yawor and I are discussing solutions.
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