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  1. Okay, just click download now, install that. When you fire it up, you should get a session ID and password, private message me that information.
  2. I saw your email about the return. It’s just me. Please give me an opportunity to address this. https://www.teamviewer.us/ Basically allows us to share your screen so I can see what’s going on. Let me know. I’m working today.
  3. Can you add the profile-> Manufacturer: Flirc Device: Kodi No pairing needed, it's all built in. Can you give that a shot? Not sure what profile this is, but it looks invalid.
  4. What kind of remote is this? Are you holding your remote too close to flirc during recording?
  5. this definitely looks different. Can you go to File->Device Log. Enable logging. Press and hold a single key for a second. Save that and post that text file?
  6. Did you load this config from the old device? Can you do me a favor. Can you format the device, record another button. When you do it, press and hold the key as you record it.
  7. Can we do a team viewer session tomorrow?
  8. Probably nothing. Fire up the GUI, go to device log, and then enable IR logging. Hit the buttons on your remote, see if you see anything. Any chance it's out of batteries?
  9. This is the issue: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/not-migrated-due-to-partial-or-ambiguous-match/9e18a99a-0131-422e-8527-fa20b2793e9e Seems to be a common issue accross many USB devices. Please keep us posted @Boldo
  10. When it's not working, pm me your teamviewer session ID.
  11. Honestly, I'm at a loss. Nothing makes sense. It's bolted on the front. Can you remove it and let it hang off the edge of the case (Make sure nothing gets shorted).
  12. when it doesn't respond, are you still able to record?
  13. Sorry, I can't remember. Do you leave the GUI open all the time?
  14. When it doesn't work, can you tell me if the Flirc GUI still detects the device?
  15. This is the streacom board, right?
  16. send me a PM, I'll send you the new one. Not worth the trouble trying to debug this.
  17. It's not how much power it can deliver, it's the amount of noise it's causing. It's a switching power supply, and without good filtering, a lot of the switch noise ends up on the rails of the supplies, 5V being the USB. If the noise ends up on the USB, it's possible it hangs. Unplugging/Plugging it would fix it. If that doesn't work, let me know. Not to worry.
  18. It's your pi power supply. Get a good clean power supply and the issues should go away.
  19. what. is the rewind action, is it just the left arrow key?
  20. looks like you may have recorded some erroneous noise. Try recording without the TV on.
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