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  1. Can you go to File->Device log. Enable logging. Press and hold one of the buttons, and paste / share the output here.
  2. The harmony had no lag with the nexus? The harmony remotes have tremendous lag, I've talked with them about it, it's built in on purpose. There shouldn't be any lag with flirc.
  3. I can't figure out how they are doing their long press. I've lost all contacts at amazon because of their turnover. One day, I'll need to sit down and test a bunch of keys. Theoretically, it's possible. But we need to figure out what HID key they expect.
  4. Download my software. Plug in your flirc and go to Controllers-->"Nvidia Shield" http://cl.flirc.io/35e1393420d2 Hit go and pair your IR Remote. Take out Flirc, and plug it into your shield. Should work with your previously paired remote on your shield with no pairing software needed on the shield
  5. Pair on your PC, then bring it over to your shield, it'll work with your previously paired remote without any additional software
  6. Can you install the kodi keymapper addon, you'll be able to tell what key is for the play/pause.
  7. can you hook up a keyboard, figure out which keys are the play/pause buttons?
  8. What remote are you using? Have you ever used my software before?
  9. There is no reason it would crash. Kodi crashes? Or the Operating system? Try the play / pause from the media key controller: http://cl.flirc.io/73d2eeb9f8d0
  10. Hang in there, fixed a bunch of build issues, and am going to address this. I'll really try to have it pushed tomorrow.
  11. I'll fix this. Hang in there.
  12. Sorry, what do you mean? Can you explain what's going on?
  13. There shouldn't be a 'flirc media player'. If you do: Manufacturer: Flirc Device: Kodi Then all functions should work out of the box. You can record over any of these buttons. Any of the keys you record will take priority over the built in ones. If you delete one that you recorded, it will then go back to the one that's built into memory. The only way to truly disable it is to go to file->advanced, and disable the kodi built in profile. Then record all the buttons manually.
  14. Clear your flirc configuration, and go to your harmony software, and add the following device: Manufacturer: Flirc Device: firetv No pairing needed, you can use your flirc on your firetv. This profile wont conflict with your TV
  15. awesome, thank you so much for following up, glad you're up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. Ah, okay, so it's definitely noise in your room, are you buy a window, or by a tv? How about your lights in your room? Once we record without the noise present, it shouldn't be an issue.
  17. Hit the file->clear configuration. If that doesn't do it, go to file->advanced, and disable all the built in profiles. Let me know.
  18. You have to hit the erase key, then press the button on your remote you want erased. The GUI doesn't overwrite a key that's recorded. Let me know if that makes sense.
  19. What was the default interlay delay? Can you try resetting it? Or even send it to zero?
  20. What profile are you using on the harmony for usage with flirc? What is the button in your harmony that is being used to send a signal to the flirc, which would otherwise wake up the shield? Are you sending a keypress, or sending a 'wake/suspend' key? Also, can we rule out the remote? Do you have another remote lying around you can pair to see if it exhibits the same behavior? (refrain from doing an action on the harmony which would send any button at all that flirc would see and use) If you unplug the flirc, and plug it back in again, does the problem go away?
  21. are you using the images from package cloud?
  22. You should use the Logitech Profile: Manufacturer: Flirc Device: firetv No additional pairing or flirc software is needed. These configurations are ready to go with harmony.
  23. Let’s chat today. Send me a personal message with your phone number
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