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  1. Re-download the original file again. It's supposed to be a .tar.gz file. Open the original file again with 7zip.
  2. Sorry, let me try to clarify. Your assessment isn't correct, but that's because I might not have been clear. Think of it this way. Flirc is a language translator. Each computer is listening to flirc. Both flircs can say 'space bar'. Each computer can understand and respond to this when flirc says 'spacebar' However, they don't both always respond at the same time. You can then teach one flirc to learn spanish, and one flirc to learn french. They will both translate and repeat the word 'spacebar' when they hear it in their corresponding language that they understand. If you take your remote, and say the instruction in french, one flirc will say spacebar to the computer connected, but the other one wont, because it only speaks spanish. Now take the languages we identified as spanish and french. When logitech speaks spanish / french, it's actually speaking a unique infrared protocol. There are thousands, and they don't conflict. That's how you can control multiple devices in the same room, with a single remote. The remote is speaking each unique language that only the specific device understands. So now you've added the profile: Flirc, NVIDIA to your harmony. All flircs understand the NVIDIA profile. On the one you don't want to respond to that, go to File->Adavnced, and disable the built in NVIDIA profile. Add another 'language', or protocol to your harmony for that second flirc that the first one doesn't understand. Choose an ambiguous device that doesn't exist in your living room. Like a panasonic TV. After adding it to your harmony, rename it to, Gaming PC, or Movie Machine, or whatever it is it's connected too. Then pair that new profile with this flirc. You can pair any signal that remote sends out with spacebar, and the other one wont also send that to the machine, because you never paired that protocol. Let me know if that's a little more clear.
  3. Can you format your config and leave it formatted, then go to file->advanced, and disable all but the kodi? I see multiple space bars recorded, which means that you probably recorded a spurious signal and it paired with spacebar. I'm also unsure about why you need any keys recorded at all? The profile is pre-loaded in flirc, and you no longer need to record anything if you are using flirc + the logitech profile.
  4. So it's a bit crude, and I'm sorry for this. So the first thing you do, is record the first key normally. For example, if I want to send a number of keyboard strokes with a single button press on my remote, like, 'up' 'up' 'enter'. This is what you do: Open up my GUI, select the remote button you'd like to pair. Head to the keyboard controller, and record the up arrow. The go to file->advanced. Change to macro recording. Go back to the Keyboard. Record up again on the same remote button. Then record enter again on the same remote button. Change the record mode back to normal (should you need to record more). Now, when you hit this button on your remote, flirc will send up, up, and enter.
  5. @Ian Flirc It's just a zip format. Download 7zip which should be able to add support for that. You can unzip and run it. I haven't sold the gen1 in a couple years, are you sure you have one of those? Is it the plastic version?
  6. Definitely. Just use a different remote profile from your harmony and pair it with flirc. As long as the signals from the harmony are different, only the flirc paired with those signals will respond.
  7. Save your log file here, and I'll explain it, and show you how to send it out.
  8. Save the log file to disk and attach it here.
  9. Here is some software, there is accompanying firmware in each. You should not have to re-learn any buttons. The firmware upgrade is only to support another USB HID key used by nvidia. There is a new controller which adds the new keys. Do any buttons work for you at the moment and you are just lacking support for the new buttons? I’ll spend some time on it today. I did see some buttons working on my shield, but I had to change the way USB reports back to the host, which would mean if that’s the direction I need to go in, customers would need to re-learn buttons. Linux: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/linux/Flirc-3.24.3-3-g6e0058d.tar.gz Mac: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/mac/Flirc-3.24.3-3-g6e0058d.dmg Windows: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/win/Flirc-3.24.3-3-g6e0058d.tar.gz @Rojma I have been reaching out to Logitech without success. I have a lot of updates for them. I’m trying. I guess people will just have to hang tight for my remote... ssh
  10. @fizban I'm having a bit of a tough time. I'm not sure if my shield is not new enough, my shield software is not new enough, or they somehow broke compatibility. I'm building some beta software, I'll post it here for you. Risk is minimal, I've just added a GUI controller with the buttons, and updated the firmware to support the 'netflix' key. Even with the original firmware, my shield is acting really funny. I don't remember if mine is one a grabbed from the lab there, or if I bought it. I'll post a link shortly.
  11. I'll try to send them out tomorrow. I ran into a couple issues that's eating my time. They are on my desk and I got to finish off a bit of code. Almost there.
  12. I'm not going to troubleshoot the gen1 device. Send me a PM, I'll send you a new unit. ** EDIT ** to clarify, I'll get you a new deivce.
  13. @Amack001 go to controllers->media keys I believe you are looking at the streacom controller
  14. @Peter Stone Can you send me a pic of your remote? Can you also open up my GUI, and go to file->advanced, enable IR debugging. Press and hold one of the buttons. I'll help get support in for that remote.
  15. Got the codes from NVIDIA, I’m hoping to release a GUI update asap this week.
  16. Currently available on my site and on amazon.
  17. Your tracking number was https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?action=track&language=english&tracknumbers=776421745270 Fedex never received the package, you notified me and requested a refund, so I sent a refund rather than trying to resend it. This happens more than usual, I drop off a lot of orders at Fedex, and they lose or misplace some. I don't know why. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there is no reason to attempt to publicly shame me, I refunded your money back immediately. If I didn't that would be the scam.
  18. Grab my latest GUI, grab this firmware, and go to File->Upgrade and select the dori.release-4.8.2.bin Close my GUI once you've got the firmware loaded. Grab the latest beta of remote buddy 2. Remote buddy only supports a handful of remotes at the moment. Make sure you are using one of the supported. Then you can use the remote buddy app to specifically control the specific app you'd like. Let me know where you are stuck.
  19. I'm sorry, it's my mistake, the currently released 3.24.2 is the correct one.
  20. NOTE - This firmware has been publicly released, feel free to keep posting feedback here. Firmware v4.8.2 Supports Wake up features with remote buddy Custom single command Multiple buttons ir_transmitter updates, ability to kill a running transmission Possible bug fixes in XMP protocol To update, make sure you have at least GUI version 3.24.2, release date November 19th, 2019 First, backup and save your configuration. Head over to File->Advanced. Check which SKU you have, it should be either dori, or nemo. Then do File->Upgrade and point to one of the images attached. Note - You do not have to quit the remote buddy application to update your firmware. This firmware is only required for sleep/wake functionality extended specifically through remote buddy. Flirc/Remote Buddy 2 support has been baked in and tested since v4.6.x, this update is not necessary to use Flirc with Remote Buddy. Please feel free to report any findings here. Bugs specific to this version of firmware. dori.release-4.8.2.bin nemo.release-4.8.2.bin
  21. To those who sent me a private message. Hang in there. I need to do a couple more firmware features and tests before sending. I should send them in the next couple days.
  22. Flirc doesn’t support a mouse and keyboard as those are usually Bluetooth. Flirc is only IR. Let me know if I misunderstood that.
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