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  1. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    There are two issues. One is a new feature on amazon's firetv. They added a feature for long press to get up another menu. I've tried to get in touch with Amazon for over a year, their team disbanded, and I'm trying to make a new contact. I got in touch with someone from another department last week, and they are trying to put me in touch with someone. I don't have a timeline for that because I don't know what the issue is. I need Amazon's assistance. The second issue is a new firmware feature long presses. Which will allow you to assign another button to an existing signal. Press the button quickly, get one command, long press it, get another. That's a firmware feature that will come on the new hardware and a release will most likely be ready before the end of the year. I've done a lot this year, and I've had regular blog updates that talk about my accomplishments. I even have a new status board page to create transparency: https://flirc.tv/status_board If I miss something, take @hamptonhills approach, be nice about it. But I work 7 days a week, and can't afford to hire someone. I do the best I can, being an asshole about it doesn't help anyone.
  2. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Yeah, shield runs android tv, so sleep will work on it. Should also wake it up. I'm not sure how you would do voice with bravia, does the remote have a microphone? It would need to relay that info back to your shield, not sure it can. Or did I miss something?
  3. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    I've made like 30 releases this year, who said it wasn't coming? I'm one guy, it's coming.
  4. Kodi + Full Keyboard Controller+ Volume

    Controller-> media keys volume up and down are there
  5. Thanks so much! want to post your config? I'll take a look
  6. sudo
  7. There is a static version available: https://flirc.tv/ubuntu-software-installation-guide I list the dependencies, it should work on every version on linux.
  8. Sleep do not wake up

    I've pushed a firmware update, which adds support for the wake key in gen2. So any key will wake the machine, unless you record the dedicated wake key, in which case, only the wake key will wake the machine. Still always enabled. I will implement a way to disable waking the machine up from sleep sometime in the near future. Let me know if that is of any help now. If you are still having issues, let me know. I'll figure it out.
  9. flirc has a bunch of noise rejection. But the fact that it's inhibiting flirc from working means that it's non stop actively spitting it out. Nothing I can do about that as it's inserting itself in the middle of real remote signals. Try putting your sensor behind the TV.
  10. I have an extra repeater I bought, was going to sell it. You want it? Maybe it'll give you better results. Brand new.
  11. The firetv remote is actually a wireless remote, not infrared. = (
  12. Windows is really funky like that. Sounds like it installed the driver correctly for one port, but the other ports got messed up. You can try uninstalling the drivers in device manager, and let windows set that up again for you. Let me know if that helps.
  13. Here is how the log works: 0,12,123,2532 These are pulses, starting at t=0us we have a high pulse for 12us. Then it goes low for 123us, then high again for 2532us The markers ::e:23 Means an elapsed time of 23ms has passed since the last edge Your log is being flooded with noise, it's not showing the timing of the edges because it's less than 4 pulses, which isn't a valid IR signal. So it's essentially showing you a bunch of time in ms between the noise. It's seeing hundreds of those.
  14. I'd say keep moving. Honestly, if you put it in some obscure location in the cabinet, it should be fine. But it's clear that the transmitter is 'leaky'. It's leaving the IR light on when it's not supposed to at a low strength.
  15. can you put the transmitter somewhere else in the cabinet?
  16. Is it taped to the front? It definitely is, and it's probably a leaky repeater too, it's seeing light when it's not supposed to. Try removing the one in front of flirc, and let it pick up the transmission from one of it's taped neighbors
  17. It's really sensitive. IN fact, unless you've blocked off all of the black plastic on flirc, it's getting in. IR can go through any angle of that black plastic due to where the IR sensor is positioned.
  18. Is it in a cabinet? Can you move it outside of where the repeater is for the time being? Maybe the repeater is too strong and you have a bunch of reflection in the cabinet causing flirc to see a bunch of edges. Can you tell me a bit about your setup? What kind of repeater is it?
  19. Are you using a USB extension? if you are, remove it. If not, PM me and I'll get you a new one
  20. Show button mappings?

    https://flirc.gitbooks.io/flirc-instructions/content/command-line-interface-guide/location.html This will put it in your path so you don't need to go into the applications directory. cd /Applications/Flirc.app/Contents/Resources/flirc_util cp flirc_util /usr/local/bin/ flirc_util settings Also, make sure the GUI is closed. Can't open it with the cli and the gui at the same time.
  21. okay, pushing an update, it'll be posted shortly. You can do the following: flirc_util device_log -i -p i - ir debug p - persistance
  22. Sorry this is a bit hard for me to trouble shoot. Nothing in the system seems to be saying there are any problems. Let me push an update out that lets you debug the IR. Give me until the end of the day. Also, I unofficially don't support the first generation anymore. I'll push updates every once in a while, but I'm not going to spend any time adding new features. It was a shit show working on that microcontroller and waisted too much of my time doing optimization because of the lack of USB hardware in the processor.
  23. Flirc sending too many commands

    glad it's up and running and working. Thanks for the patience.
  24. Basic Concept on Defaults

    @yawor is correct. There are a list of tables built into flirc. They don't ever get deleted. If you disable them, they get passed over when searching for a stored command. You can record 'over' them basically by re-assigning these keys into the user area. If the key exists in the user area, it uses this over the built in table. Yes, I need to work with logitech to add stuff. They are pretty good if something is missing or needs correcting.
  25. Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV

    Have you tried the sleep/suspend keys in the "Media Keys" controller section of my GUI?