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  1. I'll buy this remote and try and figure out what's going on
  2. I'm confident this was the issue. After seeing it, finding the problem, understanding it, I have extremely high confidence. This problem only exists for a small portion of users, and it follows windows as well. Blatant disregard to violate the USB spec. I owe you guys a second unit for your patience and help.
  3. Thanks for the patience guys. We've got a beta image working, but it stops working ofter some time. There is likely a security check that happens periodically. We'll figure it out and I'll keep you guys posted.
  4. I owe you guys the thank you. And endless amount of gratitude for your patience and support.
  5. Okay guys, I think I figured it out. I pushed an update, GUI version v2.3.8 which has new firmware in it. So confident, I made it public, however, this may in fact just fix @Montas system. But I'm fairly confident. Seems to be a windows only thing, they send a set remote wake up feature request down to the device, in which case I would send a stall/nack. Windows said, 'oh yeah, fuck you' and then disconnected me. I'm now returning OK. This is not a required feature, apparently windows 10 says it is. Please don't leave me hanging if it works, please report back here and let me know. This was both brutal in finding, repeating, and solving.
  6. I just announced the new one at maker faire, it's in mass production now. The one on amazon is the original.
  7. I've got the other system up and running @Montas suggested and I've reproduced it. I'm furiously trying to find a remedy and won't stop until I do.
  8. Got most of the hardware, will start assembling and installing windows tomorrow. Don't worry about uploading anything just yet. Let me see if I can reproduce this on my own first.
  9. I will push this next week, I promise. Code is in there, I just need to test a bit more. I'm very sorry for the delay.
  10. Ordered all the components. Hopefully I can reproduce this on site. Expect an update about one week from today, everything arrives early next week. @Montas please send me all the details you can. Windows 10 64 professional? Any settings after a format? Can you save your BIOS config and post here? Send me a picture of all your peripherals, if possible. What USB connectors is everything plugged into? Did you install any software after a fresh install? Any settings after fresh install? How do you put your computer to sleep/suspend? How long does it take for sleep to cause this? Is there any difference between putting the pc to sleep, waiting for hibernation, and just going to hibernation? I'll add more if I think of anything.
  11. Okay, great news, I'll order everything for it today.
  12. Very kind of you. But I worry that I'm going to be waisting weeks trying to repeat it whether it's due to a BIOS difference, setup difference, Windows build difference, peripheral difference. At this point, I'd like to ask someone if they are willing to send mine, in which I'll pay for all certified shipping, and I'll also compensate you $250.00 for the help and time saving.
  13. Anyone in the US willing to send me their system? I'll send it back along with some money for compensation. I worry that I'm going to waist a lot of time duplicating hardware, and have no success. Ideally, someone with a second system that experiences this on both.
  14. What USB peripherals do you have plugged in? Anyone have a laptop that exhibits this?
  15. Can you guys list your hardware, and all peripherals. I'm going to try and clone your setup.
  16. Please jump in the other thread. Maybe I'll try grabbing your motherboard. Do you have anything else plugged in to it? Someone found that a logitech in the computer caused the problem.
  17. I hired some additional help. Just completely overwhelmed with work right now and need some additional help with this specifically because a lot of time is needed. So the report descriptor from the controller was copied, and packets that abide by the controller schema were sent, and the PS3/PS4 did not respond to them. What I'm suspecting is a security aspect that we might be missing. Why the fuck did these idiots do this? To make sure people by PS3/PS4 controllers? Un-fucking real. We'll figure it out. Just need some time. If it's security, we'll just copy what other's did to bypass it.
  18. Unfortunately no, I don't have any more. However, I'm not going to give up. I've just been swamped and I'm going to get back to this very shortly. It's not an option for me to not solve this. I will solve it.
  19. Rock star, need any more flircs/cases? My way to thank you for this. I'll turn this into a help article.
  20. Confirmed, something funky is going on. Will do a bit of testing. Sorry about that guys. Overwhelmed with a terrible problem in windows that was hanging over my head for a long time. Just pushed a fix for it.
  21. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to post a message here. It's just me here, and it's really been tough these past two months solving issues and handling the volume of work. Most people write in when it's broken or they are frustrated, not when they are happy. So all I see is the bad. Most of the users, I don't get an opportunity to help, so I'm left sleepless concerned over an issue that may or may not be wide spread. Thank you again for the kind note, the support, which fuels encouragement. It goes farther than most people ever realize.
  22. I'm kinda using them interchangeably. All the PS4 work should work on the PS3. However, I have a PS3 tomorrow that I'll start working on, may be easier. I'll follow up again.
  23. So here is where I'm at. Currently the software now works, but various apps do not work. Amazon, etc. The arrow keys don't work in those apps. After a lot of reading, it looks like I'm going to need to emulate a PS4 controller. I tried to emulate a regular game controller, but it wasn't happy. I'll continue to try tomorrow before going down that route. Fuck.
  24. fix deployed, download the new version on the website, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and bug
  25. Issue repro'd, working with franz on a resolution as fast as possible. No one's devices are bricked. That's practically impossible now.