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  1. Hey got the remote, I'll be looking into this, I'll have an update or fix by this week. Thanks for the patience.
  2. Great, glad it's up and running. Sorry for the delay, in the release. Hopefully should be able to get it out this week. I showed it to my partner who's a patent attorney and he's convinced there are a few unique things that potentially could be patentable, so we're going to fire a provisional before the public release. Want to be transparent, but it's done.
  3. my fault. Attaching again. dori.release-4.0.26.bin nemo.release-4.0.26.bin
  4. I'm going to make this public soon. Flirc IR Documentation.pdf
  5. Grab the latest GUI, I've updated it. You'll need to re-record these keys. Can you check again, I believe I fixed most of these. Again, you'll need to re-record the keys.
  6. I'm not going to be able to release this, I have a lot of other code part of this current branch and it's not vetted. So I'm attaching some custom firmware off the latest release which has built in profiles disabled. Two sku's attached. To figure out which sku you have make sure you have the latest GUI, go to advanced, it should be listed in the advanced window. dori.release-4.0.25.bin nemo.release-4.0.25.bin
  7. came here to check to see if you followed up, I see you put your remote above. I'll get one and check it out.
  8. Can you post your configuration? Can you link me to your remote as well? I'll figure it out.
  9. Built in profiles are enabled by default. Please don't worry @CutterKin I'm almost there: http://cl.flirc.io/lFkm I have a few more things I need to do with this. It'll be done this week.
  10. I already started working on this. I need a few days. It'll be updated soon. I understand the value. The first one had the same limitation. Know how I'm going to do it and it'll be implemented shortly.
  11. wait, how is the built in firetv profile conflicting with the MCE profile?
  12. Make sure ADB debug is off in your firetv settings.
  13. I have two repo's, one for 32 bit, and one for 64. I'll post a statically compiled binary soon. But I recommend the installer. You can ignore the last upgrade attempt, erroneous. If you don't install it via apt-get, you wont get the udev rule, which will require you to use sudo.
  14. Did you install via apt-get and try running as sudo
  15. PM Me, I'll send you the new one. Not worth any one's trouble banging our heads against the wall.