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  1. FLIRC driver installation keeps failing

    Great, so glad it's working, very sorry for the initial inconvenience.
  2. FLIRC driver installation keeps failing

    I'm using a service called travis to do building and releasing for me. Kinda new and it looks like I had an issue with the last release. I posted a new version this afternoon, should fix it. You'll need to grab the latest from the downloads section on the website. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if all is well, we're on version 3.5.2 now.
  3. I'm pushing a fix as we speak, should be up very shortly, let me know how it goes.
  4. double key presses with Sharp remote

    An update is coming today, please give it as hot and let me know.
  5. Long Key Presses

    I haven't put together a blog post in a while. But will do so soon. https://flirc.tv/status_board I'm trying to be as open as possible with what I'm working on. I've started both long presses and macros. I hope to have a release before the end of the year.
  6. "Invalid Device SKU" when updating Firmware

    I'm a bit late to this one. A user pointed me to here. This is really really concerning. Should a user come across this, please let me know, as this is definitely preventable if not a simple software bug.
  7. Yes, we're very interested in seeing this. If we could trouble you to follow up with a log, we'd be extremely grateful. Thanks for the help and the follow-up.
  8. double key presses with Sharp remote

    I think I can push a fix out this week. Hang in there.
  9. Can you fire up the GUI, go to device log, enable ir debugging, and press and hold the button down in question? Save and post that text file here.
  10. double key presses with Sharp remote

    Can you press a couple more buttons, hold them down each time.
  11. Okay, I have a fix in place, I can't post a firmware image here as it includes a lot of functionality that wont work with the current GUI. So hang tight, I'll push an update early next week.
  12. No, it shouldn't be. Mine is behind my tv inbetween my wall and TV, doesn't skip a beat. Any chance you can show a picture of the setup? Perhaps your TV is causing some interference, is it in front of the TV Screen, or behind?
  13. I'm fine with you doing this. The only thing that could go wrong, is that you lift the solder pads off the PCB, which is very likely if something is going to be hanging off the pcb. Don't worry about the warranty, it's just me to say so, so unless the board is physically damaged, it's not a big deal. The board is made to be mounted into a case, I would think it would be better to modify your case to be compatible. It's just a few holes and you can use the board as a template. Just drill three holes and call it a day. Here is the part I use: TSOP77338TR (you can figure out which pads are what based on the parts datasheet). The part you chose will work. The only thing is that if you don't solder those parts leads directly to the PCB, and you use extension wires, you're asking for frustration. Any kind of wires need to be thick enough to support the current over the length of it, plus, if they aren't shielded, and you stick them in a computer case, there are going to be all sorts of random noise. You could definitely damage the PCB if those leds touch and there isn''t good USB isolation. Let us know how it goes. Hacking is always welcome. That's how flirc started in the first place.
  14. I see the issue, need to discuss with yawor how to proceed, hang tight.
  15. Numeric keypad

    Yes, I've been super swamped with black friday and cyber monday. Super swamped. We have an update that should allow you to do this. I'll try and push this in the next day or so. all credit to @yawor, who whipped up all the code to allow a plugin style architecture.