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  1. This is the right version, but what you send definitely does matter. I'm sorry I don't have better logging: try this flirc_util.exe sendir --ik=23000 --repeat=3 --pattern=0,9071,4404,596,473,593,1579,569,1598,570,1600,604,464,590,1581,583,1627,551,1623,529,1597,592,1578,572,1600,574,545,526,490,581,500,572,494,578,1600,574,1578,585,1605,553,495,575,1595,577,491,582,496,623,449,570,507,553,1617,573,473,574,541,526,1597,577,1598,571,1650,526,525,547,498,573
  2. Send me a message, I’ll replace it. I’ll get you a new one. Not worth our time to troubleshoot.
  3. Can you give me any more detail? If you go to enable device log, can you hit some buttons on your remote and paste the result?
  4. what kind of remote is this? button already deleted is an okay message.I don't have a list of previous buttons once stored, so if I see a button you are trying to delete, and it's no longer on the remote, I tell you, 'it's already been deleted'. Even if it was never recorded.
  5. I’m no longer building 32 bit apps. Is your mac capable of running 64 bit?
  6. Did you by any chance use the zadig driver utility?
  7. The windows virus thing is a problem, I don’t know why it says that. I wrote all the code. I didn’t write any viruses. Chrome/firefox upload the binary to a third party, and it passes 15 checks, and one fails. It’s stupid. I don’t know how to fix it. Everything looks like it’s working. When you hit ‘record a’ it says successfully recorded? It doesn’t always highlight on the virtual keyboard after you press it. It’s hit or miss. Fire up a text editor, and press the button you paired on your remote to see if it’s sent to the text editor as ‘a’. If you try to record th
  8. I see you emailed me too, can you also post a dmesg when the device stops working?
  9. https://github.com/flirc/sdk/blob/master/libs/flirc/flirc.h * fl_transmit_raw() sends a raw packet. Only supported on flirc gen2 hardware * * @param buf data to transmit, please be responsible, numbers are in * micro seconds * @param len length of buffer, don't send more than 100 bits, must be * even number of bits (edges). * @param ik delay to use inbetween packets. Required.
  10. Send over your config. Probably accidentally recorded noise, we can delete it.
  11. You use the GUI to capture the IR waveform, and use the CLI or SDK to retransmit that same waveform. Only the 38khz frequency is supported.
  12. I don’t have time to support it right now. It’s all possible through scripting, and quite honestly, I’m not pleased with the transmitter. I’m working on integrating a much higher power transmitter in the next generation. You need line of site, 6 feet max. It’s not good.
  13. I’m sorry, what is the ‘core’? Can you send me a direct message, and we can do a chat session so I can help you more in real time. I’m sure this is frustrating, and I’m sorry. It’s just me, and I can’t get anyone to the office to help me because of the pandemic, and I’m overloaded with a ton of bullshit work that eats most of my day.
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