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  1. jason

    Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV

    You should use the Logitech Profile: Manufacturer: Flirc Device: firetv No additional pairing or flirc software is needed. These configurations are ready to go with harmony.
  2. jason

    Flirc + Harmony => Keyboard, how?

    Let’s chat today. Send me a personal message with your phone number
  3. jason

    Flirc + Harmony => Keyboard, how?

    Bob, maybe we can connect over the phone today. I can help clear this up. I have some appointments in the morning. But am otherwise free this afternoon.
  4. jason

    "OFF" button for Nvidia Shield TV

    controllers->Media Center -> Sleep
  5. Posted, very sorry for the inconvenience
  6. jason

    Upgrade failed

    updated, should be live on the website. Still crashes occasionally with the old gen1, windows, and upgrades. Seems to be an issue with libusb. But again, only on upgrades. Should resolve it self after re-opening the app.
  7. jason

    Upgrade failed

    okay, I'll fix it, it's a stupid problem. Windows isn't packing the structs.
  8. jason

    Upgrade failed

    Put it in your Program Files (x86)/Flirc directory
  9. Re-wrote my build system, I missed this. Thanks for catching that. I figured it out. I'll drop an update shortly.
  10. jason

    Upgrade failed

    give this a shot: https://flirc.io/nightly/flirc_gui/win/Flirc-3.10.0-4-g3ed68ae.tar.gz Let me know how that goes.
  11. jason

    Upgrade failed

    hang tight, it's building
  12. jason

    Upgrade failed

    Thank you for posting the log. Hang in there, I think I can fix this.
  13. jason

    Windows 10 flirc.exe error

    Thanks so much, I fixed it, please download another copy from the website. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. This the new flirc?
  15. jason

    Replacement Thermal Pads

    If you're in the US, PM me, if not, email my distributor at thepihut.com and he'll help you out.