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  1. I'm at work at the moment so can't offer a detailed reply and I've got the same setup as yourself. I also have a Harmony One and a Flirc. I don't use the preconfigured profile. But even so using a Flirc can greatly simplify setting things up, in my experience the Harmony setup is the most convoluted complicated program I've ever had to use. My strategy is this: Firstly print off a list of the keyboard commands that can be used to control xbmc. Secondly decide which key you want mapped to each button on the Harmony, eg x for stop, e for guide, whatever suits your needs. Then in the Harmony setup, add a remote, doesn't really matter which one, I used the Samsung TV profile that is recommended in the forums somewhere. Rename it XBMC or something. Assign the keys to all the Harmony keys, add and rename keys for any touch screen commands you want to send. Then record onto the Flirc. I've found this method essentially goes you the most flexibility as it's like having a keyboard to control your HTPC, but in a remote control package. At home I have a table with all my key assignments on it, I'll try and post it over the weekend. Hope that helps show a slightly different way of accomplishing things, which I feel gives a greater degree of flexibility, I think Jason and Chris do great work but I do think a very simple solution would be to create a Harmony Profile that just has all the keyboard keys recorded for people to then assign as they see fit to whatever application they choose.
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