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    Yeah. The distance those buttons are learned from really makes a remarkable difference. I may experiment with putting Flirc in a drawer when programming it to lessen the signal even more. This is also good news because it means I can move Flirc to a slightly more hidden spot (which I've already tried and it works) for everyday use. I'd been keeping it visible, but now, I have it hidden behind a CD rack and it's working more powerfully than before. I'm going to wipe out Flirc's settings for my universal remote and reprogram it from scratch later. This really is great news!
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    This is it. I'm positive. I have the same trouble all the time. You can't point it at Flirc withing a foot when programming because the sensitivity is too high. When I do it, I aim the remote up at my ceiling on purpose for this reason. It will have just gone from 'not sensitive enough' to 'holy shit how is this still working'
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