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    This is great yawor ! I can exactly do what I want thank you again for all details, explanation and research ;) I was very far from find that way of USB HID ! Now, I check the HID of the key convert it and record it. For example if I want LEFT WIN + LEFT CTRL + r: MODIFIER_VALUE = LEFT WIN + LEFT CTRL is 8 + 1 = 9 HID_KEY = I check USB HID for 'r' is 15 KEYCODE = convert the hexa in decimal give me 21 (http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/hex-to-decimal-converter) Record my key: ./flirc_util record_api 9 21 For GNU/Linux users you can directly search HID and use: ./flirc_util record_api 9 $(echo "ibase=16; 15" | bc) ./flirc_util record_api MODIFIER_VALUE $(echo "ibase=16; HID_KEY" | bc) It's work like a charm on GNU Linux of course ^^
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    The latest release candidate with the new amazon fire tv setup fixed this. Thank you
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