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    Ah yes, that receiver uses LIRC. Let's just say, there is no coincidence that my product is named, F..LIRC.
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    Oh, sorry, it's in the Harmony setup. The remote by default repeats an IR send up to 3 times (depending on the receiving device), to make sure the command is received. For the Flirc, it should be set to repeat once, but if you've configured the Flirc as another device it could be more. I've found the Flirc doesn't need a repeat, and setting repeats to zero has reduced my accidental double-presses. Repeats The Repeats are the number of times the remote repeats a command for a device to properly respond to the command. For instance, many devices need longer or shorter command repetitions to respond properly. Example: Any time I press channel up, my Digital Set Top Box skips two channels at a time. To adjust the Repeats, from the Harmony Remote Software: Click 1. Troubleshoot at the top of the Harmony Remote Software window. 2. Select the device you want to adjust repeats for, and click Next. 3. Select Device responds to some commands either too many times or only occasionally and click Next 4. Adjust the repeats by selecting a higher or lower number, and click 5. SAVE
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    Oh well, I'll get it before Christmas at least :) Edit: Scratch that, got it today! Sent on Saturday from Santa Clara and arrived in Norway in less than a week, not bad at all! :D
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