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  1. I have one Flirc that when it is either unplugged and plugged back in or the PC is rebooted it will only be recognized for one click of the remote and then it disappears from device manager. I have found through trial and error if once I plug it in and launch the Flirc GUI and re-install firmware it will work fine until it is unplugged or the PC is rebooted and then I have to re-install the firmware again to get it to work. It is on a Windows 8 PC where I use it most but I was hoping to be able to unplug the Flirc and plug it into the Android mini PC hooked up to another TV but once it is unplugged from the Windows 8 PC and plugged into the Android device it does not work which I assume is because of the problem explained above with unplugging the device or rebooting the PC and not being able to install the firmware on the Android device. Any ideas?
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