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  4. Finally found a work-around. Apparently the first section of the command line is disregarded and not interpreted as a command if and only if it equals flirc_util.exe. I was using flirc_util <command>, not flirc_util.exe <command>. Everything works exactly as expected when including the .exe extension. Maybe this could eventually be adjusted to handle both cases (with and without the .exe extension)? Just a suggestion.
  5. I've just re-installed my mediacenter PC with Windows 11. Everything is fine, only the device list shows a Flirc device for which no drivers have been installed. Installing the software manually I get the warning that no device is connected (Flirc GUI) I am using the Streacom - Flirc version (installed in my Streacom case) Any help?
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  7. Did you have more success since your reply, na6cet? At least now I no longer have problems with the flirc not being seen by the pi, but the buttons functions screw up after a little while, so that rewind suddenly is pause and such. I think this may have been taken care of in newer versions of the flirc software, but newer versions will not recognize my flirc..... that´s where I´m stuck now :( :(
  8. Hello, I have a harmony one and a harmony elite remote. I have both programmed for my nvidia shield TV (gen 2) using the Flirc dongle. When scrolling through a list of movies (about 250) the down scroll is extremely slow. On my nvidia original remote it scrolls fast up and down. It only scrolls quickly using the flirc when I scroll up. Any suggestions? I've already tried reporgramming it from scratch (twice). I've updated the flirc dongle to the latest firmware and updated the flirc software.
  9. Hallo, ich habe mir einen RaspberryPi 4B 8GB gekauft und betreibe ihn mit Libreelec und Kodi. Meine Fernbedienung ist ein WMC RC6 und der Flirc Dongle. Alles funktioniert bestens. Jetzt zu meiner Frage: ist es möglich mit Flirc einer Taste ein Addon zuzuweisen? Zum Beispiel möchte ich einer farbigen Taste das Addon Radio.de zuweisen.
  10. Just bought a Gen 2, and after installing the software I tried to use the command line utility and found that there seems to be a bug in how the command line is parsed. Every time I try to use the utility, no matter what I put after the executable name I receive the same error message: [E] lib/libcmds/cmds.c run_cmd(275): could not find command 'flirc_util' Looks like it is considering the name of the executable as the parameter. I double-checked by renaming the executable to 'help.exe', and sure enough I got the output I would have expected from 'flirc_util help'. I renamed it to 'version.exe' and I appear to have version 3.25.3-16-g28e8a01+. I'm running Windows 10. Is this something that can be looked at for the next software release? Alternatively, am I being very thick-headed and doing something amazingly wrong? Thanks!
  11. HI All - I just got my Flirc yesterday and am having a bit of trouble. Setup: Apple TV is connected through HDMI to Dell Monitor with audio out connected to PC Speakers (all working). Using Windows 10 x64. Goal: The only piece missing is using Flirc to control PC volume via AppleTV Remote. Problem: Apple TV Remote can "learn volume control" but needs another remote already set up to copy the remote instructions as you push volume control buttons through I/R. I have the Flirc software installed and know where the media keys programming setup is, but i'm not sure what the Flirc USB is teaching since no remote is connected to PC. Can Flirc teach this behavior to Apple TV Remote on it's own, or do I need to set up a pre-existing remote (like harmony) to learn the code to then teach the apple remote? If I can teach apple remote on it's own, how would I pair Apple Remote with Windows to connect with Flirc to teach behavior? Any help is greatly appreciated. Dustin
  12. i had to reset my FireTV, it doesn't recognize FLIRC commands i know i did something originally, but can't remember, what do i have to do?
  13. Hello, I‘m looking for a Flirc Streacom Edition which was produced around 2020 and discontinued in the meanwhile. I got a Streacom FC5 and it‘s all working fine with the v2 USB Flirc, however I want to play around with the SE just for fun. So if anyone has an old, used SE flying around and wants to sell, please get in touch! Cheers, sabo
  14. Has anyone tried to control volume using the Siri Remote + Flirc USB? I believe that remote uses IR for volume control (and Bluetooth for other functions). pygr
  15. how did you get windows to see the flirc usb?
  16. I have read all the forums on this and cant get it to connect to windows gui, i need to program it for a nvidia shield using a logitech harmony remote, nothing has worked....any help pls or i am sending this back
  17. NEW flirc purchsed USB, windows on my new laptop wont recognize it
  18. My first post was 2 months ago, zero replies. Going to try again for a different issue. The FLIRC app on the Raspberry Pi 4B lags badly, it takes more than 7 seconds for actions to execute in the GUI. For the brief moments were you are able to interact normally it works fine.
  19. I recently got a Shield TV Pro (2019) and bought a Flirc USB so that I could use my Harmony 950 remote to work with the Shield with IR commands. I do not have the Harmony Hub. I updated the Flirc firmware on my PC, then followed these instructions to add Flirc+Shield TV as a Harmony device. This gets the arrow keys, Select, Back, and Home buttons to work, however several other buttons from the Shield remote don't work, even though they show up in the Harmony software as options: Power, Menu, Play, and Netflix. I can work around or ignore most of those, but I need the Menu button to work for Flirc to be of use for me. Is there something I missed? Or did anyone get their Harmony remote to pass the same command as the Shield TV remote's Menu button?
  20. Can anyone confirm if the 2 remotes pictured below work with flirc? I think they are called TiVo Roamio, Mini Bolt remote, Tivo Vox remote, or something like that? Right now I've got an old tivo peanut remote and every single button works great with flirc, including the Tivo button. I'm currently using Red Thumb as Back, and Green Thumb as Info, and the Tivo button as a Home button. But it would be nice to have a Tivo remote with an actual Back and Info button, the colored A,B,C,D buttons. On the TIVO Vox remote, does the blue microphone button, the green SKIP and Netflix buttons work? Thank you Tivo Vox remote
  21. I have been trying for over 30 minutes to get any SIMPLE PAIRING INSTRUCTIONS. For a remote. Not finding anything in your bs
  22. Steve H

    Steve H

    Hi Jason. Did you get my PM with the address? Any update on shipping? Cheers Steve
  23. Which latest version worked for you? 3.25.3-23 does not see flirc here, only the older version that I have does. This one got it up to 3.11 as well, but wants to upgrade to 3.12, which however never happens, and I´m wondering why this seems not to be happening at your end. I´m asking because 3.11 seems pretty buggy here, more details at:
  24. Any suggestions or work-arounds?
  25. can you send me the log files?
  26. The buttons work perfect it is just that the battery keeps going flat
  27. Are you learning the remote? If you have your old batteries, can you do something. Hook Flirc up to the PC, fire up my application, and go to advanced, and enable IR debugging. Press and hold a button a couple times, the same one. Save the log. Clear the log, put the old batteries in, and do it again, save the log to a different file. Remember, when you are doing this, don’t hold the remote close to flirc, point it at the ceiling, simulate the distance of the actual setup. Let me take a look at the logs.
  28. Just the raspberry Pi that the flirc USB is connected to. It doesn’t appear to be any false button presses or anything. In fact it was working fine last night and then got up this morning tried to use the remote to turn on the tv and it didn’t work, put in new batteries and it worked straight away. This has happened twice in the last 2 or 3 weeks
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