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  2. There's only one FLIRC RPi case (well, there're two if you count the Kodi edition with Kodi logo on top). It's now called RPi3 case but it has not changed since B+. You can read about RPi 3 compatibility issues in the FAQ.
  3. Is the FLIRC Raspberry PI case that's being sold on Amazon the old version or the updated PI 3 version? The user reviews make it sound like its the old version.
  4. It's a very good news that you have reproduced the problem ;) Now i'm sure you can do that. Good work :)
  5. ok great, thanks @jason
  6. I've got the other system up and running @Montas suggested and I've reproduced it. I'm furiously trying to find a remedy and won't stop until I do.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Here is my system configuration : Alienware Alpha R2 (mini PC) Windows 10 Home (with all latest updates) I have a dongle for a wireless Logitech K400+ keyboard in the first usb port in front (see photo) The Flirc dongle is connected to the second usb port in front BIOS configured with "Wake from USB" enabled (I successfully tested the wake function with keyboard connected to the PC)
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  9. Which Harmony Remote do you have? I have the 350 and the only thing I can do in relation to setting up an activity is to select which devices are powered on. No adding of steps, or customization of the activity is possible. This is all I get. Any ideas?
  10. Harmony Software Devices Flirc Media Player Change Device Settings Power Settings This is as far as I got - there is no Power Settings in MyHarmony software. Am I missing something?
  11. Last week
  12. Got most of the hardware, will start assembling and installing windows tomorrow. Don't worry about uploading anything just yet. Let me see if I can reproduce this on my own first.
  13. Ok, i can write you all settings or i can send you a TrueImage image with my exact system. I think it will be around 30-40GB. I have enough space in Google Drive but i need few days for imaging and upload. Bios setting are default except "Wake from USB Keyboard/Remote" ENABLED Tell me which you prefer. PS: there's one's all in Italian language :) I could reinstall in English if you really really really need. Bye
  14. Hi, i will send you everything soon. Bye
  15. Hi @jason any updates on hold menu for amazon? It's been a few months now.
  16. I also noticed this issue. I hold the D-pad direction (usually down as it's easiest) for 2-3 seconds and it wakes up. Now I didn't think of it but I also have a USB hub in place, was a purpose to connect a wireless mouse and testing a thumb drive. But I never removed it. It's still behind the box so didn't use it to extend sight. I'll have to try my down trick without the USB hub.
  17. I was having the same issue when Fire TV went to sleep with Harmony 650 and Flirc. After trying all suggestions I thought it might be my IR repeater, which it was not. I had an old USB hub and thought I'd used it as an USB extension so it a clear line of sight. It has worked flawlessly ever since!!! I'm not sure if the Fire TV keeps the hub awake all the time and makes the Flirc available when needed. All I know is it solved my problem and thought I would share so others could test it out. Let me know if this works for anyone else.
  18. Jason is working on it and been giving us updates. I would think one will be coming soon.
  19. Hi, just wanted to check in and see if there was any progress on this. Before using the Flirc and a non-commercial remote (using an Elan G! controller and their custom remotes) I had been using the Harmony One and the Harmony PS3 adapter. All streaming apps worked fine in that configuration (Netflix/HBO/Amazon). Do you think the commands are different within apps? I know the Harmony PS3 adapter converted IR to Bluetooth signals, but just wondering if there was something else going on.
  20. Hi, so I've searched the forums but haven't found a single mention of "dreambox". I have the DM800 controller (silver) and have no idea which TV code to use, so that the controller can transmit all of its buttons (including the MENU button). When in "dreambox" mode, I can barely map a couple of buttons before running into the "Key already mapped" issue - which I assume means this mode is not really compatible with Flirc. Anyway, the closest I've come to a full key map was using the Samsung TV code 0586, but the MENU button would not register at all. Besides Samsing, there's just too many brands, with each having a dozen or so available TV codes so there's no way I'm going through all of them just to find the one that's fully working. FYI here is the list of codes I'm talking about: In case this is a wild goose chase, which other remote do you recommend I use? And if you say e.g. Logitech Harmony, doesn't that have its own IR receiver, rendering my purchase of Flirc just a waste of money? Many thanks!
  21. So in the Flirc config program where it's showing the layout of your virtual controller, it's the most logical thing to expect to see which buttons of your virtual controller are already mapped (and possibly, also to what, using maybe IR codes from your physical remote for idtentification). Why doesn't the software actually show this important info?
  22. I will push this next week, I promise. Code is in there, I just need to test a bit more. I'm very sorry for the delay.
  23. I have simmilar problem now for aprox. one month. Flirc doesn't repond and in device manager I "get unknovn device...descriptor failed..." in USB section not in "libusbk USB Devices" section as Flirc. It Works if I manualy delete and add driver or if I just reset system. I have: Windows 10 PRO Build: 15063.296 Motherboard: Gigabyte B150n Phoenix v1.0 Bios revision: F20 Ram: 4GB Crucial value 2133 MHz Disk: Samsung PM961 265 GB CPU: Intel Pentium G4500 PSU: SilverStone SX500-LG Flirc: Flirc SE
  24. I am having the same problem, CTRL+F and CTRL+B not working in windows media center. It works fine from the keyboard, but not through the mapped remote through the Flirc software. I am using the latest Flirc usb (2nd generation), and Flirc software v2.3.7. Maybe the old issue came back? That is, it sends both keys simultaneously!?
  25. Ordered all the components. Hopefully I can reproduce this on site. Expect an update about one week from today, everything arrives early next week. @Montas please send me all the details you can. Windows 10 64 professional? Any settings after a format? Can you save your BIOS config and post here? Send me a picture of all your peripherals, if possible. What USB connectors is everything plugged into? Did you install any software after a fresh install? Any settings after fresh install? How do you put your computer to sleep/suspend? How long does it take for sleep to cause this? Is there any difference between putting the pc to sleep, waiting for hibernation, and just going to hibernation? I'll add more if I think of anything.
  26. Okay, great news, I'll order everything for it today.
  27. ok, i understand you, but J3455-ITX is a all-in-one 100$ mobo so there's no additional peripheral other than ram and disk. I'm not using logitech wireless device, and i tried both bios available. i tried both driver from Asrock website, both latest driver from intel website. bye
  28. Thanks for that, will the rest of the XBMC buttons still work ok.
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