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  2. Hi, I am interested in getting flirc usb v2. I want to program my remote for kodi with MPC-HC as external video player. From What I seem on the internet the keyboard mapping software does not display full keyboard keys. I want to able to program in my remote control with these keyboard keys:Num 1,Num 4, Num 5, Num 6, Num 8, Num 9 they get activated when you press num lock on the keyboard. Also I want to know if flirc usb is able to combine 3 keyboard keys into one button on the remote control. Example: Ctrl + Alt + V . Here is look at this link: http://shortcuts-keys.blogspot.com/2016/03/media-player-classic-shortcuts.html. In the link there are the shorcut keys I want to program flirc usb v2 with remote control for Media player classic. Please reply. If flirc usb v2 is able to do this then I am getting one. Please be honest and tell me if what i am asking is possible with flirc usb v2.
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  4. I'm trying to do the same, but with a Dell Windows Media Center Remote (will also be trying with a Rosewell generic WMC remote when it arrives). The Flirc GUI shows the keypress when pressing the paired button on my remote, but does not appear to turn on the computer when I actually try it. Any thoughts?
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  6. Fix Bricked Flirc (Alternate Firmware fix) after 3.24.0 Install (with Linux) Like many on here I updated to 3.24.0 in Windows it attempted to update the Firmware and bricked my Flirc Tried the Usual Fixes: The Zadig Manual Firmware Fix did not Work. Also the Use of the 1.44 FLIRC in conjunction with new version fix to reflash did not work. -- What I had to do was Download and install Ubuntu on a another pc and ReFlash From There. Linux is a lil more "flexible" and can recognize just about anything device wise even broken devices. -- What you’ll need: A 4-8GB Flash Drive or blank CD preferably 2GB or more A Spare junk PC that you can install Ubuntu onto Kubuntu Iso: https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/ Rufus( USB flash Tool): https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/releases/download/v3.8/rufus-3.8.exe IMGBURN if you use a disc Imgburn: https://ninite.com/imgburn/ or go to official site -- Steps: Download some flavor of Linux that is easy enough for you For this case lets use kubuntu as its pretty windows user friendly: https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/ Download the ISO file Flash the ISO onto a usb flash drive using rufus or CD using IMGBURN Open either tool locate the file where ever you save it and flash / burn it Rufus may tell you it needs additional files to create the bootable accept the terms and let it install them Take out Completed Flash or CD and place it in your Junk PC *warning this will wipe everything on that old machine before installation of ubuntu* Boot Directly to the Flash Drive or CD ( tap f10 or f12, thinkvantage button, etc or whatever gets you boot menu when you first turn on the pc or laptop). Alternatively boot to bios if you know how and set the flash drive as first boot device. Remember to change this back after install is complete to your primary Hard Drive. Install KUBUNTU (installation is straightforward just read and follow prompts for user, time zone, and keyboard setup) Use a simple password for the first run (you can change it later) Get to the Desktop Hit the Start button bottom right Open Terminal Type Sudo su (this is to get the terminal in root mode (similar to run as admin in Windows) It will ask for password you made for the PC Type it in The terminal will now say root and your user Type sudo apt-get update This will update all your current repositories on the machine Next we need to download the archive aka (zip file on windows) for Flirc on Linux Were gonna grab the 64 bit Archive from here(https://flirc.tv/ubuntu-software-installation-guide) as we installed KUBUNTU 64 bit Download it Make a new folder in your home folder and copy the two files out (flirc and flircutil) of the archive into it We need one more file 99-flirc.rules which doesn’t come in the zip file we downloaded earlier We need to create this file Open Kate (aka notepad) on Kubuntu (it’s a text editor) Create a file called 99-flirc.rules and save to your home folder File > Save AS > Home > 99-flirc.rules Go back to the Terminal Window you have open If you closed it open terminal again and sudo su you will be at your home folder again in the terminal Confirm 99-flirc.rules can be seen by typing DIR (dir lists all files in the folder your in the terminal (aka command prompt) your in It will show you all the files in your home folder by name Run the following command: CP 99-flirc.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ CP means copy this will copy 99-flirc.rules to the folder it needs to be in (/etc/udev/rules.d/) Now we need to install all the dependencies needed to launch the flirc executable that are listed here on bottom( in instructions) separated by spaces (https://flirc.tv/ubuntu-software-installation-guide): Many of them will be installed already But you may have to install them one by one to check: For each one we will do the following: Sudo apt-get update Sudo apt-get install (dependency name) Some will not work and you will have to do some research to find out their correct name For example: how to install x on Ubuntu in google ( they will take you to threads and give you their correct or working repository names so you can install them via terminal) Lets do first one as example: Sudo apt-get update Sudo apt-get install libhidapi-hidraw0 It will tell you that it may already be installed which is fine Continue to install all the dependencies (you will get Y or n prompts when you install hit Y to install) For any of the dependencies that has a qt in the name in the dependencies . These 3 commands should install most of the qt dependencies: sudo apt install build-essential sudo apt install qtcreator sudo apt install qt5-default those 3 commands basically install qt5 and makes it default which will help us install some of the needed dependencies in the list *info only: Steps for QT5 Install taken from here: https://www.lucidar.me/en/dev-c-cpp/how-to-install-qt-creator-on-ubuntu-18-04/ *info only* Once all the dependencies are installed (remember to check one by one) go back to the flirc folder in your home folder and right click > actions > run in Konsole This will launch flirc elevated and you will see flirc open in a gui window that your used to Attached your bricked flirc and it will be reflashed and showup connected. (try a couple diff usbs if its not showing) preferably a 2.0 port (black) Wait 30 secs, jump for joy, take your flirc out and bring it back to your windows machine Close flirc if its open in windows and reopen Optionally: Close Flirc GUI, Uninstall Flirc, Restart, Reinstall Flirc. Insert Flirc Should now show connected and happy Done -- Additionally you can create a desktop shortcut to flirc if you want: go in flirc folder drag flirc to desktop you will be prompted with three options Choose Link Here Option (it creates a "symlink" to the file which basically gives you a desktop shortcut) Done Hope this helps someone as it was a lifesaver for me.
  7. I've down loaded flirc.latest.x86_64.tar.gz and I've installed the needed Dependencies. The instructions say to cp the 99-flirc.rules rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ , where are the 99-flirc.rules? Then is says to optionally copy flirc_util and flirc to /usr/local/bin/. Why is this an option? After this is done then what?
  8. Hi, I setup my Flirc USB with the GUI and everything seems to work fine. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with LibreELEC and Kodi. Every key seems to work but I always get a Double Key Press no matter which button I press. My remote is from an onkyo AV-receiver. I found this page: https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/201366933-Double-Key-Presses it looks like it could solve my problem but I dont have any menu like this in my Flirc GUI v3.24.0. Is there anything I can do about the Double Key Presses problem?
  9. Can anyone help with this? It's driving me nuts. I'm trying to program the Logitech Harmony 350 remote with a Flirc V2 USB dongle connected to my Nvidia Shield. In the Flirc Windows 10 software, I configure the buttons with a Kodi layout. Then in the Windows 10 MyHarmony software, I first tried configuring it with "Manufacturer: Flirc" and "Device Model Number: Shield TV" - as it says in the Flirc guide, but that gave me extremely limited button usage when connected to the Shield. I might as well have been using the Shield remote. Then I configured it as "Manufacturer: Flirc" "Device Model Number: Kodi" - which gave me more options, but 80% of the buttons on the Harmony 350 did not work, like volume, back, home menu, etc. The only ones that did work were basic navigation (arrows & select), pause & play, and mute.
  10. I have a harmony 665 (=650), flirc gen2 and FireTV 4K working - kind of. While short presses of the directional, select and back buttons work, long pressing of buttons does not work. This is a problem for me with running my SageTV app which requires long pressing of the select button to bring up a menu. Does anyone have long pressing of remote buttons working with this kind of setup??? I can seem to find any definitive info. on this, so I am guessing long pressing needs to be added, or, I have set something up wrong.
  11. Anyone care to comment about this? I bought a Logitech Harmony Hub + Companion remote which works fine with the Amazon FireTV 4K, but it would really be great to get the Flirc to be able to support long pressing so I can use a backlit, Harmony 665 remote with a user programmable backlit screen. Logitech really needs to make a lower priced remote like the 665 and add bluetooth/wifi support. The elite is too expensive and has a bad button layout. So the current, best option, imho, would be to get the Flirc + FireTV 4K working better.
  12. Please tell me there are more Kodi cases on the way ! Are there ?
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  14. HI, i bought a raspberry 4 2gb and i want to install a PiZiGate for my home automation use : https://zigate.fr/produit/pizigate-v1-0/ is it likely to be a problem? or can i use both without any problem and without any modification on the case ? Thank you in advance for your answers
  15. Hi I have searched but I seem to be a bit stuck. I have a FireTV and Flirc and a harmony remote but I can't seem to get the remote to work. I choose fireTV in the Flirc software in windows and set/send a few buttons to what I want. Unplug the usb dongle then plug it into my FireTV, also set the flirc to xmbc and or fireTV in the harmony software but nothing happens when I press buttons on the remote. It's as if the fireTV is not working in the usb port. Am I being stupid and missing something really simple?
  16. I have the same issue as caselover. Three screws worked fine, but one was definitely cross-threading; tried several of the screw holes with that one screw and all felt the same, but with the other screws they went in without any problem. I just need ONE screw, as does caselover, or some way to determine the screw type.
  17. just bought this thinking i could use this in my ps3 now i see this forum not a good start; seeing there has seen no activity from the last person working on it for over 2 years now. has this project been abandoned?
  18. I am using a usb extender on one of my flircs setup of about 25' long though a conduit with other wires inside such as HDMI and there is no issue with it but this is not the flirc that got the latest firmware upgrade and running on the computer with the issue that needed to be addressed, so it may not be fully relevant here. The flirc that got the firmware upgrade is running fine, directly connected to the computer. However, it is running about 1-2 hours a day and is suspended the rest of the time, hardly ever rebooted or turned off. Hope this helps,
  19. i still facing some issues with flirc dongle, so that rebooting issue is now fixed but flirc seems to loose conection with the computer, when i have my computer on for a few hours, flirc stops responding and when i turn on the software it says "disconnect" i have to say that now im using a usb extender, maybe thats the problem, but is anyone facing this issue?
  20. As already described, the problem has to do with the keyboard layout (QWERTZ). See Flirc+Harmony+OSMC/Kodi: Volume Down-Button doesn´t work To record Kodi Keys I changed my operating system (Mac OS 10.13) to "English US". Then I changed the keyboard layout in Kodi to "English US". Now it works as intended.
  21. There's some initial clue: it seems to be related to the keyboard layout (German/English).
  22. Hi there, I tried to set up FLIRC for use with Kodi 18.4 on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. No matter which remote control or buttons I use (one for all essence 4 or Humax RC-539), I always get the same result. The issue relates to the keys volume up, volume down, previous track and next track. When trying, the volume up/down and the next track never work, the previous track reacts as volume up. Flirc GUI Version: v3.24.0 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Git Hash: 0xfbe1df37 Is it an error in the Kodi profile or in the firmware/software? Kind regards, Christoph
  23. i tried to record the apple tv 4k siri remote to my flirc and it didnt work , maybe someone from the support can help ?
  24. I'm looking to laser engrave some designs the top of my standard RP4 case. Does anyone know if it's painted aluminium or anodized?
  25. Thinking about ditching my Apple TVs and using Intel NUCs (or maybe a Raspberry Pi's) as playback devices for my Plex server. (Trying to use playback devices that support direct play of virtually ALL media) but after using FireTVs, Shield, generic Android boxes, Roku, Apple TV........ to me and my family, the Siri remote reigns supreme as the best remote ever. We love how long it can go on a full charge but more importantly, we like how we can scrub the video with that remote. Just click down, quickly scrub to where you want.....fine tune the scrub then click again to play. As I look into migrating to new playback devices, we'd really really really like to keep using our Siri remote. So would it ever be possible that the 4th gen Siri remote will work with Flirc?
  26. So I gave up trying to reach Flirc support. I never heard back from anyone I tried email, left a voice mail on support line, forum posts, and direct forum message. I ended up just ordering the pi4 Flirc case again and this time the correct case arrived. I had to basically pay double to get the product I wanted, plus shipping.
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