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  4. Yes. Use the Fire TV controller in the Flirc GUI.
  5. I made a new device upgrade for the FLIRC using the NECx2 protocol and it works pretty good but I have a question. Is there a way to program the Shield remote "Home Screen" and "back" buttons to my universal remote? Thanks
  6. Hi there lucky me I found this topic! Thank you all for contributing to this. Since I have bought a really old FLIRC my firmware is to old to use your config files. I managed to config the flirc myself using your extensive list of commands. However as Pether mentioned, I neither could Netflix get working. Anybody already figured out a way to do this? Would greatly appreciate your help. Other question: How do you find out these API-Commands? Plug a Keyboard directly into the Sunrise UHD? Or just Trial / Error? Looking forward to your replies Paesc
  7. Am I better to just get the gen2?
  8. xnappo

    Invalid SKU

    @jason - wife is getting sick of using two remotes :) Is it dead?
  9. Alright, so I'm moving over to Nvidia Shield for my main player. I previously used my FLIRC device and remote setup for a windows HTPC. But I see others are using their FLIRC also for nvidia shield. How would that work? Do you configure it on windows and then plug it back onto the shield once it's configured?
  10. m_theredhead

    Confused on how to start - Harmony, Nvidia Shield, MythTV

    Well, As luck my have it, my harmony IR remote got knocked off the couch and the display was ruined. This led to buying a new remote and I went with the harmony hub which supports Bluetooth connectivity + virtual keyboard connectivity. So, I won't be using my new flirc device on this project - off to find something else to automate with it.
  11. I have been using my gen 1 flirc with my intel nuc box for the past few years, everything has been working great with it. I love this thing! I recently purchased a new Nvidia Shield and I'm having problem with my Harmony 700 remote not working with the Flirc profile. I went through adding a device in the myharmony app, picked Flirc and then Shield TV as the model # and after syncing it doesn't do anything. I updated the firmware to the latest 3.9 too but that didn't help. I tried my old XBMC profile in my Harmony remote and that worked fine with the Shield which I was going to live with but then realized there is Shield specific commands that I don't have mapped out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I recently bought my 1st Flirc USB and I haven't been able to get it to work. Before pairing a remote, I upgraded the firmware. Using the Flirc GUI I've been able to pair my remote with Flirc. The GUI says "recorded successfully" when paring a key. After pairing the remote, I don't know what to do next. It seems the Flirc device should be useable at this point but nothing happens when I try to use it. Everything seems normal inside the Flirc GUI but outside that, I'm not seeing any keypresses. I originally set things up on a Linux PC. When that didn't work, I redid everything on my Macbook. I'm having the same results on both platforms. Am I doing something wrong or is my Flirc device defective? I've attached the output of the flirc_util settings command. flirc_settings.txt
  13. My 2017 Shield does not have the IR receiver. I think the Android/LibreELEC box device upgrade I made used NECx2 protocol. I think I'll start with that and see how things go. Thanks
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  15. Does your ShieldTV have an IR receiver? Or is it one of the newer ones without it? If it does have the IR receiver and you want to use Flirc only for extra keys you want to map in Kodi, then you should start with ShieldTV device upgrade, add more keys to it and then teach your Flirc only the extra keys. If it doesn't and you plan to control your whole ShieldTV with Flirc, then it doesn't matter what you're going to start with. You should choose a well supported protocol (like the NECx2 I've mentioned in my previous post) and choose device/subdevice numbers that won't conflict with your other hardware. Flirc is a learning device. The Flirc software let you map keyboard keys to remote buttons. It has native support for two protocols: a proprietary Flirc protocol (used in Harmony remotes) and MCE, and they are used in the built-in profiles - a pre-configured set of mappings for use with Harmony. Other than that, the Flirc doesn't make any assumptions regarding the remote control. It does what you configure it to do.
  16. I did something similar for a cheap streaming box that I run LibreELEC on and used the Kodi key mapping function. I guess I could use that as a starting point for some commonality (its in another room). Someone made a device upgrade for the Shield by learning from a Harmony remote. Would that be a better choice or does it matter? Thanks
  17. There's no protocol executor for this remote which would use native Flirc protocol (I've been able to create one for maxq622 processor used in URC-6440 remote), so you need to use one of the standard protocols. I think the best way is to create custom device upgrade in RemoteMaster yourself. Select NECx2 protocol with some random device and subdevice values (eg 251 and 200) and add as many functions as you want with unique OBC values. Then map some functions to buttons and other to the soft buttons on the screen. After that teach your Flirc using Flirc software to react to your remote.
  18. I recently purchased a FLIRC receiver (don't have it yet but I'd like to get prepared). I'll be using it with a Shield TV running Kodi and an X-Sight universal remote. I use JP1 files so the remote can be configured as practically any remote control. What would be the best remote control configuration to start with? I'm also for tips on setting up the FLIRC for Kodi. Thanks
  19. Can Flirc SE do discrete power buttons? One button for power on (only) and a second button for power off? Instead of power toggle?
  20. bertybassett

    MCE remote Key # and * = 3 and 8

    on my MCE remote I learn the buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 without issue. Learning the buttons * and # has no issues however when I press * on the MCE remote I get the number 8 pressed on screen and when I press # on the remote I get the number 3 pressed on screen I hope this now makes more sense.
  21. ScottLewis

    Flirc won't recognize Fire TV Remote

    Just Picked up a FLIRC IR receiver and it works great with the Fire TV. You can used this with any remote.
  22. Sorry for the long delay in reply. New baby in the house, hard to find time to mess with things. But, tonight was a night I could have a look at this again because it's now 5-10 minutes before the Shield will react to my harmony after a power on. First, to answer some of jason's questions: Using "FLIRC" manufacturer and "Kodi" device Not sure by the question on what button is the harmony using to send a signal. I hit the "Watch TV" activity button. Looking at my activity list for "Watch TV", it actually doesn't show the shield in there, just my TV and Receiver. But, it eventually does work after 5-10 minutes of "warming up" I'll get to this below (ruling out remote) Unplugging the FLIRC and plugging it back in when it exhibits the issue after power on does not change anything Couple of new things I learned: After the 5-10 "warm up" period is over and the remote fully works. I can power off my system, and power it back up, and it works immediately. Not sure how long the remote needs to be inactive before it starts exhibiting the 5-10 warm up period again, it's a touch thing to test. I borrowed a harmony hub from a friend (remote/hub) and set it up in my system continuing to use the FLIRC->Kodi device assignment, and it works fine without issue. So, to me, this rules out the FLIRC and points the finger completely at the Harmony 650 remote that I have. This was a quick borrow, so I no longer have it to test anything else out unfortunately. So, it seems to be my Harmony 650 remote control. The remote has always worked fine in previous setups (using MCE USB dongle, Keyes IR GPIO for RaspberryPi, etc), and my TV and Receiver still react normally to the Harmony during this Shield "Warm up" period. I'm at a loss here. I know this has now stretched beyond the FLIRC dongle, so I understand that support will be limited on this forum now, but perhaps someone can look at the above, and may know a simple answer. Thank you for any help.
  23. xnappo

    Invalid SKU

    ... Any update @jason ? Thanks!
  24. I had this same problem with a Flirc on a MiBox, using a Home Theater Master MX-500 with the device set to a NEC TV code set. Disabled the built-in profiles. Problem solved.
  25. Boldo

    Flirc doesn't pass on keypresses

    Updated to 1803 final a bit ago and did some testing since till now. The problem persists, but a bit less often I feel like! Still a bag of hurt if you ask me. When it works there's still that stupid delay after a (re)boot of about 1-2 minutes. So yeah... it's still a waiting game I guess till this is solved. No difference between the blue and black PCB version, as far as I'm concerned they're 100% interchangeable with same behaviour. On a side note... really wished the new black pcb version had v2 capabilities, finally got hold of the remote I liked and it doesn't work on the v1 :'( . Just guessing it might work with the v2 as I'm not buying the v2 after having bought the black pcb version for nothing really. What do I need yet another Flirc for? On a side note 2.... that stupid bright blue led broke down, which I thought was useless in the first place anyways.
  26. No need to upgrade ,the old one works fine.
  27. hi, i was looking to buy an nvidia shield to replace a few gadgets from my living room tv rig and i read that while the nvidia shield has no IR receiver a flirc receiver can be used to make it remote compatible. i was wondering if the old model flirc ould work, or would i need the newer one? Also, i was hoping that someone could post a link to a how-to to get flirc and the nvidia shield to work together, just so i know what im doing when i get my new toy. thanks in advance :)
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