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  3. When I received my Raspberry Pi 4 case, one of the screws must have been cut incorrectly and won't thread in properly. I made a support ticket to resolve this issue months ago, but did not get a response. Does anyone know where anyone know where I can get a replacement screw?
  4. Hello, I'm gonna change my PC et my new pc has a IR transmitter build in and I still want to use flirc. Can I use this build in IR transmitter with flirc software or do I have to buy a new flirc transmitter ? Thanks a lot for your answer !
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  6. I can’t seem to find the documentation on the SDK, the page I went to is down - got a link?
  7. You use the GUI to capture the IR waveform, and use the CLI or SDK to retransmit that same waveform. Only the 38khz frequency is supported.
  8. The lack of distance for line of sight wouldn’t be an issue for my desired setup, but it’s the code I’m having trouble with. Whenever you do get time are you able to write something where I can replace certain bits like the IR frequency? No problem if not, I understand if you’re super busy and don’t get the time
  9. I don’t have time to support it right now. It’s all possible through scripting, and quite honestly, I’m not pleased with the transmitter. I’m working on integrating a much higher power transmitter in the next generation. You need line of site, 6 feet max. It’s not good.
  10. I’m sorry, what is the ‘core’? Can you send me a direct message, and we can do a chat session so I can help you more in real time. I’m sure this is frustrating, and I’m sorry. It’s just me, and I can’t get anyone to the office to help me because of the pandemic, and I’m overloaded with a ton of bullshit work that eats most of my day.
  11. Good Evening, i bought a Xiaomi TV 4S (Android TV based). It's Bluetooth controlled. So i try Flirc to remote it with a Harmony One+. I tried several configurations in the harmony Software but no command reached the tv. Is there a Guideline/HowTo which are the first steps to do? Thanks in advance.
  12. Not sure what you mean? Does it matter what machine I use to record or does it need to be done on the "core"?
  13. Is it possible your keyboard language is not us on one of the machines?
  14. Thank you for the reply Jason. Are you familiar with Roon? I am trying to use my Harmony remote to pause, FF, and go back songs. That's all. I am only setting up flirc once, recording "space bar, ctrl-K and ctrl-J. I tried setting up the keyboard and was able to record ctrl-k but when I try ctrl-j and space bar I get this:
  15. Hi, I'm new to FLIRC and have created a configuration to control my Internet TV Box. The manufacturer is Free Telecom (France) and the Model is POP Player. The player is running Androis OS. I want to use it with a Logitech Harmony universal remote (hub based). The player's original remote is Bluetooth. The player does NOT have an IR port, but has a USB port so I can plug-in the FLIRC receiver. I have created an activity on the Harmony using the following devices: NVidia Shield Free Telecom Freebox Mini 4K (this is an older TV box, also Android based, that had an integrated IR receiver Here is why I use both devices: The NVIDIA Shield profile can control most buttons using Bluetooth, including Power On / Power Off However the NVIDIA Shield profile does not allow to use the Favorite Channel screen on the Harmony. This is because Logitech has declared the NVIDIA Shield as a game controller rather than TV device. The Freebox Mini 4K device, on the other hand is declared as a TV capable device, and therefore allows to use the Favorite Channel screen. This is the device that is used to change channels. So with this activity, the changing of channels is going through the FLIRC while the rest of the commands is using Bluetooth. Now, here is my issue: For changing channels, most of the time I need to press the key twice, the first key press does not seem to be taken into account. For channel numbers with 2 or 3 digits, it usually only show the last digit. For exmaple, if I press the favorite for channel 54, it only send 4 to the receiver. I have tried to change the repeat delays on the Logitech Harmony eDevice Freeebox Mini 4K, but none of the 4 available settings fixed the issue correctly. I read about the FLIRC inter-key delay, but this setting sends ut the message: N/A for current firmware Is there any way I can tweak the inter-key delay on the FLIRC to fix my issue ? Does it require another version of firmware ? I'm currently on 4.9.3 Thanks, Olivier
  16. Can anyone confirm if LG Magic Remote is capable of sending a long-press from a programmable button? I have my remote set to emulate a DVD player. I have programmed various buttons with different keycode mappings for short and long press of the same button but a long press is being interpreted just as if it was a short press. I know the remote can differentiate between a long and short press of the non-programmable buttons (eg the Settings button). But these buttons are not using IR frequency whereas the programmable buttons are using IR frequency. The model is AN-MR19BA which is the 2019 model Magic Remote. https://www.lg.com/us/tv-audio-video-accessories/lg-AN-MR19BA-magic-remote-control
  17. There is a whole lot in here I don’t understand. flirc just translates remote buttons as keyboard keys. If a keyboard works, flirc will work. try a keyboard. If that doesn’t work, something is wrong. I don’t understand the need to setup flirc and then set it up again a second time ( the first manually recording and the second with harmony). What am I missing?
  18. I have recently purchased FLIRC and having issues right out of the gate. I have the software installed and the firmware updated. Pull FLIRC into PC Controller: Media Keys Attempted to Record Logitech Remote Play/Pause, Forward, Backward (Most time I get an error after the first record that the button has already been mapped) Saved Configuration Unplug FLIRC Plug FLIRC into Ropieee XL Endpoint Validated Ropieee shows up within settings Add Roon Control Zone to Ropieee XL settings (copied from Roon) Run Harmony App Add new device Entertainment FLIRC / KODI Save / Sync Settings Run Roon Settings / Extensions / Enabled Attempt to use remote to Fast Forward Song FAIL Any help would be appreciated. Brian
  19. I use a Pronto with RF so I don’t need to point but that’s a whole other topic.
  20. @randman but also to you happens, that you have to point the remote ir towards the shield ? If you point the ir remote, a little more sideways can you still command the shield? or does it not receive infrared signal?
  21. I haven’t tried a USB hub so I don’t know. But to solve your IR Problem you can also use an infrared receiver like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009ZGK6QS?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  22. @randman thank you, I'm trying the usb ir flirc and it seems to be all right. only problem can I use a usb hub ? both to expand the 2 few usb ports and to have better infrared reception of the flirc ? currently the usb flirc is connected on the back shield pro, and infrared reception and targeted only if the remote control is aimed directed at the nvidia shield, if it is prolonged frontally the reception definitely better without having to point towards the net shield , I say well ?
  23. this would also be nice for nvidia shield. I have remote buttons set for f1-f15 and an app called button mapper can then assign functions to these buttons. It works really well. more function buttons (or possibly a 2nd language keyboard?) would be helpful because i want to use a bluetooth keyboard to type movie names etc.. so i wont be able to use most of the keys on the keyboard. Another idea is to make a mode where the key is translated as ctrl+alt+shift+(letter) When i tried this, all it would see was left ctrl. lmk what yall come up with!
  24. I bought a 8 device universal remote, thinking i could customize some of the extra buttons on it. turns out if the 4 digit profile device doesnt have a command assigned to it the IR stays blank (confirmed by using smartphone camera to see IR code) Anyone know what real physical device has the app1 app2 and app3 buttons along with all the other buttons? i want to assin all keys in nvidia shield using app called button mapper.
  25. Hi! I just received my flirc case for the raspberry pi and upon receiving it when I tried installing the thermal pad thing it tore apart.. Is it necessary or do I need to go on ebay order a bunch of thermal pads? Any help is appreciated!
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