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  2. Great, thanks Jason. I really appreciate your willingness to troubleshoot and go the extra mile. I hope others recognize the effort you're going to to make Flirc a success.
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  4. Hey got the remote, I'll be looking into this, I'll have an update or fix by this week. Thanks for the patience.
  5. Great, glad it's up and running. Sorry for the delay, in the release. Hopefully should be able to get it out this week. I showed it to my partner who's a patent attorney and he's convinced there are a few unique things that potentially could be patentable, so we're going to fire a provisional before the public release. Want to be transparent, but it's done.
  6. Just FYI, I've only had about 5 minutes to test this, but it seems to work as expected. Will mess with it extensively this weekend and report if I find any significant issues. I *really* appreciate the support. Looking for forward to watching Flirc mature into a nicely refined product. Thanks again!
  7. my fault. Attaching again. dori.release-4.0.26.bin nemo.release-4.0.26.bin
  8. it's a seperate exe file in instalation folder.
  9. I have tried this with no success. If you down load mceremotemapper tool you can see which byte codes you should be generating.
  10. Unfortunately that did not work. In fact it had the opposite effect. Now, anything that Flirc "learns" does not work, but the built-in MCE profile still does. For Clarification: - Running 4.0.25 Dori posted above - Clear configuration - Select Fire TV under controllers - Hit "Go" and complete the learning process - Put Flirc in FireTV - Flirc does NOT respond to the learned remote, but still DOES respond to various MCE remotes. I appreciate the fast response and custom firmware, but am still stuck here.... I have about another 10 days before my Amazon return window closes so would be happy to try again if you are.
  11. I'm going to make this public soon. Flirc IR Documentation.pdf
  12. Grab the latest GUI, I've updated it. You'll need to re-record these keys. Can you check again, I believe I fixed most of these. Again, you'll need to re-record the keys.
  13. Hi I have the old clear flirc on version 2.4. I have to say that many of the buttons on the media center controller are wrong. here is the list of wrong buttons. record, FF, rewind, go back, red, green, blue, yellow, show shortcut, fullscreen, go to guide, goto recorded tv. I have a genuine MCE remote so I know if these buttons were generating the correct code they would work.
  14. Hi Jason....sorry for the delay in responding. I have indeed kept my Flirc so if you end up finding a fix I'd love to hear it!
  15. I see everyone saying you can setup the flirc se with the command line utility to power on a streacom pc from off but how exactly do you do that and i mean if someone could please provide step by step instructions. Since this is not in the gui this is pretty confusing.
  16. I'm not going to be able to release this, I have a lot of other code part of this current branch and it's not vetted. So I'm attaching some custom firmware off the latest release which has built in profiles disabled. Two sku's attached. To figure out which sku you have make sure you have the latest GUI, go to advanced, it should be listed in the advanced window. dori.release-4.0.25.bin nemo.release-4.0.25.bin
  17. came here to check to see if you followed up, I see you put your remote above. I'll get one and check it out.
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  19. Can you post your configuration? Can you link me to your remote as well? I'll figure it out.
  20. Built in profiles are enabled by default. Please don't worry @CutterKin I'm almost there: I have a few more things I need to do with this. It'll be done this week.
  21. I have the newest 4k Fire TV with no built in IR. In an effort to get to the bottom of this I just talked to my friend across the street again. He bought his 2nd gen Flirc from Amazon as well. Said he took it out of the box and plugged it directly into his Fire TV without the Flirc ever being in a computer. Then he programmed his Harmony for "Flirc", pointed it at the Fire TV, and it just worked. And has ever since. If I take an MCE remote (HP or Harmony programmed for MCE) over to his house and point it at his setup, it also controls his FireTV. So it appears to me that this is an "out of the box" condition and not something I have managed to program in. But I still need to turn it off :-(
  22. I used to live in Oswiecim (which is much closer to Raciborz than Warsaw) with my parents when I was young :). Regarding Flirc/MCE issue, I've just tested this by programming an MCE device on my universal remote. I don't have neither FireTV nor MCE receiver so I can't test this fully, but I've confirmed that the remote is using MCE/RC5 control scheme. I've plugged Flirc v2 into my laptop and tried controlling it without any other configuration. As expected there was no response from the Flirc/laptop. Which FireTV version is it? The first one with its own built-in IR receiver? Maybe the FireTV itself accepts MCE remote controls. What happens when you unplug the Flirc from the FireTV and then try controlling with the MCE remote?
  23. Hi Yawor. Totally off topic, but I used to live down south of you in Raciborz. I haven't been back in years, but miss it very much. Back to the Flirc... I have a used several remotes with the Flirc while experimenting. All worked fine, and are not the problem. And I have "cleared configuration" back to factory defaults over and over. I only have one Flirc, and I intend to leave it and use it in a FireTV. The problem is that by default, Flirc responds to IR signals sent out by various MCE remotes and there is no way to turn it off. And since I have an MCE computer in the same room, whenever I try to control my computer with the MCE remote, the Flirc that is plugged in to the FireTv responds to the signal as well. I press "up" on my MCE remote, and the Amazon FireTV moves up as well as my computer. I have tried this with my Harmony 350 programmed in MCE mode, and with an HP remote that came with an old MCE laptop. The Flirc responds to both and I cannot stop it. To make sure it wasn't something wrong with my unit or what I was doing, I walked across the street this morning to my neighbor who has has a Flirc and had recommended it to me. I pointed my MCE remote at his Flirc/FireTV combo, and sure enough it controlled his as well. Hence, like you said, it *should* not respond to the RC5 protocol used by MCE remotes, but it *does*. Now, how do I fix it? Thanks!
  24. Let's start at the beginning. What remote are you using? What device type on the remote are you using to control your Flirc? Did you configure your remote to MCE? Do you have another Flirc in the second computer or just a standard MCE receiver? If you don't have another Flirc then there's nothing in the Flirc itself that can conflict with an MCE receiver, unless you recorded MCE remote buttons in the Flirc itself. Then both devices will obviously respond to the same remote profile. Built-in MCE profile is not for MCE remotes but for emulating MCE functionality with a custom Flirc protocol used by Harmony remotes. It has nothing to do with RC5 protocol used by MCE remotes and should not respond to them.
  25. I already started working on this. I need a few days. It'll be updated soon. I understand the value. The first one had the same limitation. Know how I'm going to do it and it'll be implemented shortly.
  26. Using the GUI, I do this: 1 - "Clear configuration" 2 - Select "FireTV" under controllers 3 - Select "Go" and let Flirc "learn" the remote codes I want to use. 4- Plug Flirc in to FireTV, use the newly learned remote to control it, and it works fine. BUT, it also still responds when I use my MCE remote to control my HTPC in the same room. Cleared the Flirc over and over, plug it in to FireTV, and it continues to respond to MCE signals that I obviously don't want it to. Hope that explains it.... (Also, I asked in another thread if the 1st gen model still allows built in profiles to be disabled. Does it?) Thanks much for any info!
  27. wait, how is the built in firetv profile conflicting with the MCE profile?
  28. I can answer the above question of "Why would you want to disable them?" I am using my new 2nd gen Flirc to control my FireTV, but it is messing with my MCE/HTPC computer in the same room. If I can't disable the built in MCE in Flirc 2nd gen, I will be returning it to Amazon. I see the first gen Flirc is still available there for sale. Does it have the same limitation?
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