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  2. I don't think most people make use of all their USB ports on their raspberry pi. I know I don't and none of my co-workers do. I think a nice product would be a push button switch that turns off (and perhaps on?) the pi. All you would need to do is make a USB dongle that has a button of some sort that indicates the button has been pressed, then do an orderly shutdown. You'd have to make a script of course but that ought to be simple enough. There's an infinite number of ways to implement this, USB->Serial for example. Uncertain about the demand for such a thing or of the cost of ma
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  4. Hello! Thank You so much, Flirc team, for this great little thing! I need to receive and send IR-commands to make my good old parents be able to 'Skype' on their TV. I am C programmer, so I am not worried (yet) about using that API-command. (Will use a Mini-PC with Win in order to allow Skype or Whatsapp to run.) Please allow me two questions: a) Will it work to use a cheap USB-powered IR-repeater to catch the signal from the Flirc (Gen 2) and send it out stronger again? b) Do you have some time-estimate when Generation 3 will come out with a full-featured 'IR Com
  5. Dear remote friends, my search / research has come finally to an end. My original problem: I'm running Kodi on a Mac Mini late 2012. And for a year now I've been having constant crashes in the IR module. This is shown in Kodi by the remote control not working anymore. Only a complete reboot helps (via mouse) That disturbed me tremendously. I searched, read and finally found no solution. An Apple update also removed the IR disable function from the control panel I didn't want a Kebyord.xml mapping and I really wanted to continue using the Apple Remote. (
  6. This is great news. I love Flirc (after I got it working). Only thing missing is being able to turn on my PC with remote. Probably going to bay 2+ even I don't have a streacom case ^.^
  7. I just got a flirc and after installing the software and performing both a software and firmware update, I am unable to get flirc to correctly detect the buttons from the remote I am trying to use. Left and down detect as the same (mostly), return and mute detect as the same (mostly), the number buttons are duplicated all over the place. It often responds with "button already exists". Is there any way I can fix this? Flirc details: Version: flirc_util.release.v3.25.3 FW Version: v4.9.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Branch: master Config: release Hash: 0xCB
  8. Sorry for the cry for help, I solved the issue by performing a "clear configuration", and recording my keys again (just once was sufficient, not twice per key BTW). And the pleasant surprise is that the noise protection is effective, thank you!!!
  9. I'm an old user, having happily installed Flirc with the 1.0 firmware on my Raspberry box running Openelec... Recently, noise creating phantom-keypresses lead me to a thread where it suggested updating the firmware, which now provides a noise control. I did it, but I couldnt check yet if the noise issue is gone, because now it appeared the one-keypress-every-two issue. It certainly is firmware related, because nothing else changed. I tried the procedure to record twice every key, but it didnt solve the issue. For additional info, I attached the output of flirc-util settings
  10. I have exactly the same problem. I have Flirc integrated into my Streacom F7COD ALPHA Black Home Theater Aluminum Chassis case, it was already integrated and that was one of the reasons why I bought the case. Since 2016 everything is ok, but now it is not practical, the same thing happens to me as the other user, instability, the keystrokes are repeated, there are times that you have to press several times, etc. Opensuse with the latest version of software installed.
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  12. Hi! I am doing a project using multiple flirc v2 adapter with multiple apple IR remotes. I now (to late) realize that the apple ir remote acutally each have an unique device ID that it sends. That makes it so I am forced to manually program every flirc to a specific apple ir remot and can't simply replace a remote that is lost. Is there any way to get flirc to just disregard the deviceid of the remote-signal? The same way the apple products does until you pair them? I dont want to replace all my remotes, that would suck.
  13. Unfortunately, 2.5 years later, the manual still contains links to the out of date repository under the Linux Installation section.
  14. Hi, On 64 bit Mint 20, instead of:- sudo apt-get install libqtxml5 sudo apt-get install libqtxml-patterns5 I needed:- sudo apt-get install libqt5xml5 sudo apt-get install libqt5xmlpatterns5 Oops.
  15. Thank you Tim for your config file, it works perfectly.
  16. Just received the replacement - firmware updated, keys recorded and it just functions perfectly! Thank you so much! Greetings from Germany
  17. I have exactly the same problem, MacOS 10.10.5 Why was there never a reply from FLIRC to this problem ?
  18. Hello Raphi, I'm wondering how you did program it yourself. I would be glad if you can describe more in details how you did it? I have a flirc v2, an Harmony hub and and Windows PC. Thanks in advance! edit: Just figured out there a flirc_util.exe file here "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc". This is how you launch and test commands for your special key like "recordings, etc". A description can be found here. edit2: I figured out most of my issues, now. Just got an annoying repetition of some keys, but it's acceptable. On Harmony app: I added the Sunrise box:
  19. I have a Streacom case with the older Flirc. It works, accepting input in Windows 7-8-10, macOS and Linux. Its shows only as a keyboard in device manager. Regardless of it being connected before or after driver installation. Flirc GUI shows disconnected always, regardless of software version, Windows version and on macOS. Any ideas appreciated. Bought and needed this only for power on, never got it working to program that one button.
  20. Send me a message, I’ll replace it. I’ll get you a new one. Not worth our time to troubleshoot.
  21. i have a suggestions for Flirc developers, is possible add support, for use a roku now tv smart stick with infrared remote control with a FLIRC V2 USB ? maybe using the old remote control codes of the first roku models with infrared included, it will be possible to control the roku now tv stick bluetooth via infrared usb flirc v2 connected on otg cable which also powers the stick and have usb (i have attached cable image) , but to do this you definitely need an update of flirc v2 usb it would be very useful to finally be able to use the only universal infrared remote control, ins
  22. Dear all, I have a FLIRC since about 2015, and was always very happy with it. Now in 2020, I had to change a button and used the current ubuntu FLIRX software (3.25.3). I was able to reprogram the button, but since then it seems changed at all, the response and repeate rate of the buttons is very bad / slow, even if I us3e the same remote as before. Just pointing on a list on the PC and stay on down - now it goes 1 down, before it went down one for some time and then repeated without problems and fast. Now sometimes does not repeata at all or repeats slow. Can I do something to rescue it?
  23. Can you give me any more detail? If you go to enable device log, can you hit some buttons on your remote and paste the result?
  24. Hi I've updated the Flirc 2nd gen to last firmware and also updated the program to the last version and now in Windows 10 it cannot record any key anymore. Any solution? Thanks!
  25. I also want to know this. I really want to be able to get it setup.
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