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  1. Kevin Cowans added a post in a topic FLIRC disconnected after going to sleep   

    Hello Jason
    I just received the v1 Flirc to test in the last half hour.
    I have only done minimal testing at the moment, however.
    I unplugged the v2 and plugged in the v1 and configured the Next, Previous and Power keys under Media Keys which are the same ones I setup on the v2.
    After doing this I have been able to Sleep and Wake the PC each time I have tried so far.
    I will continue to test things over the next few days and will update this thread on Monday.
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  2. shmn added a post in a topic 2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other   

    I tried another desktop.  The second FLIRC still exhibits the problem of picking up phantom IR signals.   But not all the time.  So I'm able to program it after plugging and unplugging and reloading the program a bunch of times.
    However, I was able to figure something out.  I believe the original problem of cross-talk between devices lies in the FLIRC profile used in the Logitech software.  It works fine if there is only one FLIRC device.  But if there are two it seems to cause problem.  I haven't done any extensive testing because I've already spent about 6 or 7 hours trying to get this set-up to work and I'm tired of dealing with these.
    I switched the WeTek Hub from using the FLIRC profile in the Logitech software to a random Sony DVD player (and the Fire TV is using a random cable box) and now there isn't any cross-talk between the two FLIRC.  If I go back to the FLIRC profile being assigned to one of the devices in the Logitech, I get cross-talk.
    So, I have things working now and all is mostly well.  However, I'm still concerned about the second FLIRC picking up phantom IR signals while trying to program.  If I see any other weird issues during the Amazon return period, this unit is going back for an exchange as I think I've exhausted what would be considered a reasonable amount of troubleshooting.
    Thanks for the help.
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  3. yawor added a post in a topic lg Magic Remote   

    Which keys are available is dependent on the control schema you choose in the TV for that input.
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  4. yawor added a post in a topic Apple keyboard Eject button   

    Eject HID code is not from a standard keyboard HID table, but from a Consumer table.
    Which Flirc do you have?
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  5. Cayprol added a topic in General Questions   

    Apple keyboard Eject button
    My mac mini is using the wake/suspend button under Computer Media Keys in the GUI to put to sleep,
    which works kinda odd, there's 3 outcomes randomly happening once the button recorded on remote is pressed.
    No responseimmediate sleep (the one i want)jumps out the window asking either sleep, shutdown, cancel, restart.Therefore I was trying to get it record it by using flirc_util, but I can't find the USB HID code for the eject button.
    option+command+eject is what always work to put my computer to sleep.
    Does anyone know how to find this particular value?  I tried a two values of eject from here.
    But they all recorded as !.( I checked what's recorded with flirc_util keys.
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  6. BigCatTeeter added a post in a topic How to Wake computer from Sleep (USB Flirc v2)   

    This is how I solved it for my system. Mak sure you go into device manager find flirc and enable "Allow this device to wake the computer" under power management. For me it showed up as HID-compliant system controller in device manger. If you cant find it named as that unplug and plug it back in see what changes that's how I found mine. I was looking under keyboards and mice and all were set to wake computer that's what had me confused. Once I figured out what it was labeled as and check the box it worked.

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  7. BigCatTeeter added a post in a topic Won't wake sleeping Windows 10 HTPC   

    Double check in device manager for me it showed up as HID-compliant system controller. I was looking under keyboards and mice and all were set to wake computer that's what had me confused. Once I figured out what it was labeled as and check the box it worked.

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  8. ClayMontgomery added a post in a topic lg Magic Remote   

     Thanks for this information!
    With this, I managed to get the Magic Remote (AN-MR650) for my new LG Smart TV working to drive Kodi (OpenELEC 6.0) using a Flirc. It's fantastic to have a single remote to control all the features of a smart TV plus Kodi too! The trick is when the Flirc is programmed using the Flirc app on a Windows PC, it must be done physically close to the TV so the remote and TV can communicate.

    I paired the Flirc with an HDMI input using the TV's "Device Connector" menu. That setup requires selecting a device vendor. Of course, neither Kodi nor Flirc are on that list. I chose 'LG - Control Type 2', which works great.

    If you are not familiar with Flirc programming for Kodi DVR functions, I detail it thoroughly in my Kodi DVR guide:

    The Best HTPC Solution for Internet and Live TV in America

    Unfortunately, only about half of the buttons on the Magic Remote can be programmed into the flirc. I don't know why. But, it's enough to drive Kodi including DVR functions if you use the numeric and colored buttons also. It has been reported in the Kodi forum that this is better than the buttons that will work using HDMI-CEC, so I think using the Flirc is a better solution than CEC, as least for the Magic Remote. The Flirc approach is also much easier to get working than CEC.

    Regards, Clay
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  9. yawor added a post in a topic 2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other   

    Do you have access to another PC? It would be good info if you could test it on another PC before exchanging it. Maybe you could ask one of your friends if you can test the device on their computers.
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  10. shmn added a post in a topic 2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other   

    Thanks for taking the time to help me.
    It's not a problem with the Harmony remote.  There are no other issues and I've been programming this thing for five years.  I've created new activities and devices and still have problems.  I even created an activity with only the Fire TV FLIRC and nothing else and problem persists.
    I'm pretty sure now the problem is with the FLIRC.  When I initially programmed it, I recall having issues where it would say IR signal received before I even pressed a button on the remote.  I eventually got it to program properly and didn't think anything of it.  But I tried to reprogram that FLIRC again last night and I had the same problem.  If I press "Go", it starts assigning signal to keys without me even touching the remote.  I thought their may be stray IR signals in the room so I took my laptop into a closet (who hasn't?) and pressed "Go" and the FLIRC programmed itself even though their were no remotes in the closet with me and the lights were off.  I doubt there were any IR signals in there.
    Needless to say, I think there is something wrong with the second FLIRC I bought.  I'm going to exchange it with Amazon.  I'll report back to see if the new one works.
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  11. yawor added a post in a topic 2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other   

    I've compared both configurations and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them. The IR hashes in both are different. I couldn't find even one that would overlap between devices. I wonder if this may be something with the remote itself? I don't know Harmony and its features/capabilities. Is it possible that the remote is sending commands for both devices? Please re-check your activities' settings.
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  12. shmn added a post in a topic 2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other   

    I've attached the config files for the two devices I'm using.  Thanks.
    WeTek Hub KODI.fcfg
    Fire TV.fcfg
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  13. yawor added a post in a topic 2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other   

    Please save configuration from both Flirc units and attach them here as attachments. Name them accordingly.
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  14. shmn added a topic in General Questions   

    2 FLIRCs (Fire TV & WeTek Hub) step on each other
    Bought two FLIRCs.  Latest software and firmware updated.  Remote is Logitech Harmony One.
    First FLIRC installed on WeTek Hub using "Kodi" profile in FLIRC software and Media Center PC>FLIRC in Logitech.  Everything works fine.
    Second FLIRC installed on latest Amazon Fire TV using "Fire TV" profile in FLIRC software and in the Logitech software I've tried random cable boxes or satellite box profiles (to avoid crossing beams with the first FLIRC in the WeTek).  But no matter what profile I choose in the Logitech and then use the "Fire TV" profile in the FLIRC software...both FLIRCs respond to commands from the Logitech.  
    Doesn't matter if I have "Fire TV" device selected on my remote or "WeTek" device selected, the IR commands are picked up by both FLIRCs.  So if i'm trying to control the WeTek FLIRC, everything works but the Fire TV also responds with random commands.  If I'm trying to control the Fire TV FLIRC with my remote, everything works on the Fire TV but the WeTek also picks up random commands.
    Which is why I've tried various "random" device profiles in the Logitech software like cable boxes or satellite boxes or DVD players that are off-brands and shouldn't conflict with any of my devices.
    Am I doing this right?  I assume I can't choose "FLIRC" for both devices in the Logitech software as that's what I've read in other posts.
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  15. yawor added a post in a topic newbie, baby steps   

    @lumpynose why do you want to transfer (doesn't matter over which protocol) config file for Flirc to Raspberry (or any other computer for that matter)? The configuration is saved on the Flirc unit itself. If someone is not tech savvy and has never used linux/unix shell then there's really no better way of programming Flirc than do this on a PC using GUI and then just plug the unit to the target system. No need to transfer anything anywhere.
    Also every media center OS for RPi requires a little different approach as the base OS is different and can have different file system structure. And RPi is not the only board out there so there would need to be an instructions for different combinations of the boards and OSes. I think it's a good idea, but requires a lot of work. Also there's really need for making a proper manual.
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  16. jason added a post in a topic newbie, baby steps   

    Just me here, it's on the list. Making it's way up.
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  17. lumpynose added a post in a topic newbie, baby steps   

    The other thing you could add to the setup instructions for people like me with OSMC, OpenELEC, or other minimal linux systems is give them some hints about using ssh and sftp to get the config file on their raspberry.  I wonder how non computer geeks figure out how to do any of this stuff.  I happen to know because before I retired I was a unix sysadmin, but it's amazing how much I've forgotten.
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  18. lumpynose added a post in a topic newbie, baby steps   

    Great, thanks very much.  Awesome device.
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  19. jason added a post in a topic newbie, baby steps   

    Yes, you're exactly right. Program on your PC, then use on OSMC.
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  20. lumpynose added a topic in General Questions   

    newbie, baby steps
    I'm setting up a Kodi/xmbc box, using a raspberry pi3.  I installed OSMC on the pi.  I "installed" flirc by copying the supplied config file into where it said in /etc.  The flirc seems to do the minimum stuff with kodi; the up, down, left, right, enter, and exit buttons work.
    OSMC uses a stripped down minimal flavor of linux so I'm guessing it doesn't have x windows.  The user guide, "How to set up Flirc", confused me since I don't have any way to run the setup program on my pi.
    But it finally occurred to me that perhaps I can program the flirc by plugging it into my windows box and run the flirc setup program there and that all of the programming of the flirc is stored on the flirc?
    Is that true?
    In any event the web site and instructions are lacking. If it's true that I can use my windows box to program it they ought to explain this part and how you can use another computer to do the programming.
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  21. shmn added a post in a topic Advanced settings completely disabled/not selectable?   

    Agree with BLite.
    I came here trying to find out why the advanced menus are greyed out and it took finding this post in a forum.
    I think the best option is to have the software display a message or change the "Advanced Menu" based on the model/firmware of FLIRC installed.  Currently, it's unclear as to why things are greyed out.  And the FAQ regarding firmware updates still shows using the "Advanced Menu".
    Overall, documentation for this device is poor.  It takes a lot of hunting and reading through forum posts to get a clear understanding of how to set this up for various situations.
    I think it's a great device but we need better documentation.
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  22. Rotag added a post in a topic Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV   

    Hi Jason
    It says mware 4.0.  What should it be?  If it isn't right, how can I get it to update?
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  23. Pakled added a topic in How To   

    Flirc for HTPC with DirecTV RC73 Remote & Kodi
    Has anyone successfully setup a DirecTV RC73 remote to work with Flirc and Kodi on a HTPC? I just got this new remote today and while I can use my Old DirecTV remote if needed I was curious to see if anyone had gotten this new remote to work.
    Thanks in advance for any help,
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  24. jason added a post in a topic Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV   

    waiting back to hear from amazon.
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  25. drizzt09 added a post in a topic Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV   

    Hey Jason. Did you ever get the new popup menu (press / hold home button for sleep, apps, settings) to work with flirc and harmony (650) on Amazon fire TV?
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