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  1. ashbinder added a topic in General Questions   

    Harmony Profiles - Flirc Kodi vs. Microsoft Kodi
    Hi all,
    I recently purchased a Flirc Gen 2 and have been trying to set it up on a new Windows 10 HTPC with Kodi.  I also have another HTPC, a Zbox, that came with a remote and IR receiver, which is my frame of reference.  I can currently do the following with the Zbox and a Harmony 650 remote:
    navigate the start menu in Tablet Mode with the 650put the computer to sleep and wake itnavigate KodiThe Zbox has a profile in the Harmony database (not sure if that matters).My hope was that I could replicate the same functions with the Flirc and my new HTPC.  However, I run into the following issues with various Harmony profiles:
    Microsoft Kodi: can navigate start menu, but missing play, pause, stop, etc. buttons for Kodi.  Will not put the computer to sleep or wake it.Flirc Kodi: cannot navigate start menu, but all buttons mapped properly for Kodi and work once Kodi is launched.  Cannot sleep or wake the computer either.My other issue is that although the Flirc has perfect line of sight to the remote, yet it is either laggy or won't register a remote press at times.  The Flirc itself installed just fine, no driver issues, and the firmware even updated at first boot of the software.Thoughts from those with more experience than I?  Should I just be trying to find an RC6 receiver...did I misunderstand the features of the Flirc or how it interfaces with the computer?
    Thanks for any help!
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  2. poboy added a post in a topic Flirc not responding to remote   

    I am having the same problem. As of last week Flirc doesn't respond to my Pioneer remote.
    I tried on 2 Windows 10 computers and 1 iMac and behaves the same. I also tried new batteries.
    This is on Gen1 USB Flirc.
    I actually opened one out of the box and updated the firmware (bad idea?) and get the same behavior.
    It seems to be able to read the button presses when in recording mode but when that is done, pressing any button again doesn't appear to get registered/read/reflected.
    Not sure what else to do. Thought perhaps it was conflict from a new Windows 10 update but it behaves the same on an iMac and on a second Windows 10 computer w/o updates.
    Was wondering if I should downgrade to a lower firmware? It's currently running v3.8.0
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  3. yawor added a post in a topic Flirc + Samsung bn59 remote control   

    This is a Bluetooth based remote controller. You can't use it with anything else than a supported Samsung TV.
    Flirc is an IR receiver. It only works with IR based remote controllers.
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  4. yawor added a post in a topic Default controller in Flirc you can't yet. Why do you want to disable them? Do you want to use Flirc profile in Harmony but assign the keys differently? You can just record new keys for the Harmony Flirc profile. User recorded keys take precedence over the built-in ones.
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  5. torq1337 added a post in a topic Faulty flirc?   

    Thank you man. Your guide helped me. its working now :) 
    Thanks a lot!
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  6. jason added a post in a topic Flirc V2 suddenly stopped working on Windows 10   

    Ah! they use infrared, it was probably flooding the flirc sensor. Thanks so much, great find.
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  7. added a post in a topic Default controller in Flirc   

    hi,how can i disable the built in profiles in flirc2?
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  8. xenome added a topic in Remote Controls   

    Flirc + Samsung bn59 remote control
    I can't pair my flirc with the samsung bn59-01242a remote control of my samsung smart tv.
    The software does not recognize when I press some key of the remote control.
    It works with any other remote control but not with this particular one.
    Any help?
    (Firmware v4.0.16)
    (software v2.3.3)

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  9. tealtail added a post in a topic Flirc V2 suddenly stopped working on Windows 10   

    Hi Jason, thanks for responding so quickly. I ended up spending the rest of the day reinstalling windows again and getting Flirc back to the "Connected" state in the app. I could see it was still not reading my remote, and had a thought that after all this it just had to be something else interfering with the signal. I plugged the Flirc USB into one of the rear ports and sure enough (!!), if I reach the remote back there and press buttons, the Flirc is receiving input. I have a ton of gadgets all packed into the corner that is my entertainment center, so I'll be moving some things around.
    EDIT: It was my HTC Vive Base Stations! Turned them off, all is right in the world.
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  10. jason added a post in a topic Flirc V2 suddenly stopped working on Windows 10   

    Zadig is only for gen1. Let's set up a remote session, I'll help you fix it.
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  11. tealtail added a topic in General Questions   

    Flirc V2 suddenly stopped working on Windows 10
    Hi, I bought my Flirc dongle November of last year and had it working beautifully with a Logitech 650 and Kodi on my Windows 10 PC. With no change to the setup, as far as I can tell, flirc stopped reading any input from my remote around February. Inconvenient, but I ignored it and just used a kb/m for a while and put off finding a fix for a while. I uninstalled the flirc windows application and reinstalled it a few times. The application was still showing "Connected" but not reading any input.
    Aside: Everything still works great when connected to my Apple desktop and macbook.
    So I decided I really wanted to fix this today. I went with a nuclear approach, blew away and reinstalled Windows 10 and all of my applications. Flirc still couldn't read from my remote. I ended up on another Windows 10 discussion here that linked to driver installation instructions via Zadig utility. This is probably where I REALLY messed up. I think this was instruction for a v1 flirc, so now after modifying my driver, the flirc application is showing "DISCONNECTED" and I'm definitely at my wit's end. Please help, I have no idea what to try to get this all working again. 
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  12. yawor added a post in a topic Not sure what I'm doing wrong (confused)   

    You can also use LG TV codes for example. Then you won't need to worry about the keys interfering with your TV.
    As for the codes for Flirc or Fire TV, don't even bother looking for them for your remote :). You won't find them. Only Harmony remotes have profiles prepared for Flirc. But as you already know, you don't really need that.
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  13. bronsonelliott added a post in a topic Not sure what I'm doing wrong (confused)   

    OK, I have made progress.  I tried a few device codes with no luck at all.  I read elsewhere on the forums to try a Samsung TV code.  I tried it and it worked!!  I actually have a Samsung TV but all of the buttons I programmed (except one) don't interfere with the TV functionality.  For the one button that does interfere, I'll just remap to a different key and try again.
    Thanks for the help!
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  14. bronsonelliott added a post in a topic Not sure what I'm doing wrong (confused)   

    That's probably the issue.  I didn't enter any kind of device code prior to performing the setup.  I just plugged in the FLIRC into my computer and started the setup process on my remote. 
    I don't have the device code book for the remote, but I did find it online.  Although I'm not really sure where to start with this since there isn't a code for an Amazon Fire TV or a FLIRC device.  I'll search the forum for codes others have used that might help me.
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  15. yawor added a post in a topic Not sure what I'm doing wrong (confused)   

    This remote looks like an universal remote. This means that you should be able to enter a setup code for each device button (TV, CBL etc). Probably the device setup code you've entered (or it already has been set up with some code) is not being compatible with Flirc. Do you have a code book for that remote? If yes, then select some other code for CBL/SAT and set the remote to it. Then clear Flirc configuration and test if it works better. You don't need to record all the buttons you need right away. Just record 2-4 keys (the direction keys for example) and then press the buttons and check if correct buttons are being highlighted in the Flirc GUI (or open some program on the computer which you can control with arrow keys and check if the remote works).
    I would also change the CBL/SAT to other type of device. Cable/Sat boxes may use some proprietary/custom protocols which may not work well with Flirc.
    Can you post the exact model of the remote?
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  16. bronsonelliott added a topic in General Questions   

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong (confused)
    I just received my FLIRC and I'm wanting to set it up to control my Amazon Fire TV box.  I plugged the FLIRC into my computer and did the firmware update as was suggested and downloaded the software from the FLIRC site.  I selected the Amazon Fire controller option and went through the mapping wizard on my remote.  It accepted all of my selections.  I then plugged the FLIRC into the back of my Amazon Fire box and attempted to use  the remote and nothing worked.  At least consistently.  I could *occasionally* get it to arrow down but that's it.  It wouldn't arrow up/left/right at all and only went down a couple of time.  No other mappings work (Home, Select, etc).
    I have attached a picture of my remote.  It's a Bose remote that came with my sound bar.  Along  the top there are 5 device options to control (TV, CBL/SAT, DVD, VCR, AUX).  I chose the CBL/SAT option when I was mapping the buttons.  
    I'm not really sure what to do to try and fix this.  The remote works just fine on the TV option and the batteries are fresh.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.  I'm very anxious to get this to work as the Amazon Fire remote is driving me nuts and chews through batteries at a record pace.

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  17. slikvik added a post in a topic One Remote press, continued repeating Flirc commands   

    Hi @Jason,
    Original Flirc (Firmware 3.3.8) and a Harmony 350.
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  18. jason added a post in a topic One Remote press, continued repeating Flirc commands   

    which harmony do you have? And which flirc version do you have?
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  19. slikvik added a post in a topic One Remote press, continued repeating Flirc commands   

    Do we have any news on this at all?? It's driving me made and makes using Kodi (which is my main living room PVR) a frustrating experience.
    I've tried all combinations and currently have Flirc at 7 and Harmony at 0. It's NOT Kodi on the Fire TV as it also does it on Windows outside of Kodi.
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  20. John McClane added a topic in Remote Controls   

    Flirc USB (2. Gen) and Harmony Ultimate with Kodi
    today I received my new Flirc USB.
    My setup is a PC with Windows 10 and a Harmoy Ultimate with the smart hub.
    I added the Flirc / Kodi device to my Harmony Account and created a new activity, containing my TV and the Flirc/Kodi device.
    A closer look to the created activity showed, that only the TV is part of the Activity Start and Activity End sequence in the harmony software.
    So i tried to add command manually. If I have understood things correct, to turn on the PC with the Flirc USB, I just have to send any command that is predefined in the flirc profile. So I added the "STOP" command.
    To the End sequence I wanted to add the Power Off command, which is part of the Flirc Profile in the Harmony software. But this command is not available for adding it to the end sequence.
    If I go the device itself in the harmony software a PowerOff Command is predefined and already assinged to the remote, but it is not available to the activity start or end sequence,
    Kind regards
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  21. John McClane added a post in a topic Contextual menu Kodi   

    I would appreciate this too. Context Menu is often used in Kodi, and doing a long keypress on a harmony device is not that easy. A preconfigured keypress for C in the Kodi Controller and the Harmony Profile would help a lot.
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  22. yawor added a post in a topic Faulty flirc?   

    Are you testing the "good" Flirc in the same device where the "bad" one doesn't work properly?
    As for the keyboard layout, unfortunately there's a known issue with layouts different than US QWERTY or compatible (for example, in Poland the most popular layout is "Polish - programmers" which is based on US QWERTY and only does few changes which doesn't affect Flirc). The issue comes from the way an USB HID devices work (and Flirc is basically an USB HID keyboard) and the fact, that the current software (Flirc GUI) doesn't support different layouts.
    You need to change the way you record your keys. Look at your hardware keyboard you have connected to your computer. Find how to get the minus sign on it (which key or key combination you need to press to print "-"). Then open Flirc GUI, go to Controllers -> Full Keyboad, but instead of pressing a button in the GUI which has a minus symbol on it, press the same key or key combination you use on your hardware keyboard by the keys' position on it. So if on your hardware keyboard the minus sign is right next to the right shift, then in the GUI, to record the minus sign, you need to also press a key right next to the right shift (in GUI its "/" and "?" key). You need to do the same for other symbols that are not achieved in the same way as on the US QWERTY keyboard. There should be no problem with symbols which are the same as on the US QWERTY.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. This eventually will be addressed in the software, but requires a total rewrite of the GUI to support different layouts.
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  23. torq1337 added a post in a topic Faulty flirc?   

    Hey mate, thank you for your response.
    I tried to load the good config from the other flirc but still not working.
    Keyboard layout is Croatian
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  24. yawor added a post in a topic Faulty flirc?   

    Does the volume down work on the other Flirc? Have you tried saving the configuration on the good one and loading it on the one you have problem with?
    What keyboard layout do you use in the system?
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  25. yawor added a post in a topic Alsa Pulse keymaps for Kodi   

    For Flirc to execute any function in Kodi, the function first needs to be assigned to some keyboard key or key combination in the Kodi itself. If you already have keyboard shortcuts assigned to the audio profile switching operations, then configuring this in Flirc is as easy as mapping direction keys for example (just use Flirc GUI to assign your remote's buttons to the keyboard shortcuts).
    As for the Kodi keyboard configuration and ability to even assign keyboard shortcuts to Audio Profile add-on, this is really not in the scope of this forum. You need to consult forums dedicated to Kodi (for example the official Kodi forum). You should look for instructions on how to add your shortcuts to keyboard.xml file and maybe ask the add-on authors to give some hints on what you need to call from the keyboard.xml file to switch the profile.
    After you learn how to modify the Kodi the way you want, just select 2 keyboard shortcuts that are not yet used by it and assign them to specific audio profiles and use Flirc GUI to assign the same keyboard shortcuts to your remote's buttons.
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