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  1. brunoland added a post in a topic Sending IR commands through script?   

    how to know if flirc is V1 or V2. I have SE variant.
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  2. Kevin Cowans added a post in a topic FLIRC disconnected after going to sleep   

    Hello Jason
    You are welcome.
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  3. jason added a post in a topic FLIRC disconnected after going to sleep   

    Thanks for testing that guys.
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  4. jason added a post in a topic FLIRC disconnected after going to sleep   

    Okay, I will attempt a change in the flirc gen 2 to match gen 1 wakeup routine. Give me a few days.
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  5. Kevin Cowans added a post in a topic FLIRC disconnected after going to sleep   

    Hello Jason
    I have been using the v1 now since Thursday and everything has been working fine.
    The computer is Sleeping and Waking every time I request it.
    The only thing I had to do when I started using the v1 was to change the Device Settings in the Harmony Software for the Flirc Player as the Keys were being repeated.
    Since I changed the Key Repeat Setting in the Harmony Software from 3 to 0 everything has been working fine.
    Let me know if you need any more information.
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  6. Segfault added a post in a topic Philips DVD player remote   

    I see. Interesting stuff. Thanks!
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  7. yawor added a post in a topic Philips DVD player remote   

    Both RC5 (used for example in MCE remotes) and RC6 protocols use something called a toggle bit. It's a single bit in the data frame which is toggled between key presses. For example when you press "up" the first time, the bit is equal 0. Then you release the button and press it again, the bit is set to 1.
    Like @jason mentioned, it's for detection whether or not the user really pressed the button again.
    A dedicated hardware (like IR receiver in the TV or DVD) which understands a specific protocol, knows how to decode the signal and properly retrieve command which is being sent. The toggle bit doesn't change the command itself.
    On the other hand, Flirc is more like a generic IR receiver in a sense, that it doesn't decode the signal (doesn't retrieve the command), but analyses the signal itself. Changing only a single bit causes the signal timings to be slightly different, which is recognised by Flirc as a different signal. It's like that because Flirc needs to work universally with any IR protocol.
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  8. jason added a post in a topic Philips DVD player remote   

    So if you are pointing and holding the remote button at a TV, and someone walks in front of the remote signal, the TV knows that it's a person and not a break in the signal and a second press.
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  9. RockAndRoller70 added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    I'm using my FLIRC on my Nvidia Shield (2017).  I've got it configured as described by @ixian and it's working well for the most part.
    One question I have is, is there any way for it to put the Shield into Sleep Mode when pressing the "All Off" button on my Harmony 650?
    Right now, the "all off" turns off my TV and sound bar.  The Shield doesn't turn off (or go into sleep mode) however, and the green light remains on.
    On the native Shield remote, holding down the "previous button" would bring up the screen to allow you put into sleep mode manually, but that doesn't seem to work either.
    I know it will time out in 20 minutes, but the obsessive compulsive in me would like all the devices to turn off when I want them to.
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  10. Segfault added a post in a topic Philips DVD player remote   

    Curious. Why have they chosen to send out two different signals? 
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  11. jason added a post in a topic Will the Streacom edition Flirc work with my case?   

    It will work, the only issue is mounting it in your case and having a hole for the IR to go through. But it'll work with any motherboard.
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  12. jason added a post in a topic Philips DVD player remote   

    When you record, don't press go. Press up, record up, then press up again, and record up again. Do this for every key. Your remote actually is sending out two unique patterns per individual press.
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  13. Segfault added a post in a topic Philips DVD player remote   

    Thank you! What a great piece of hardware. :) 
    But. The damned Philips remote is still acting up. Now all the buttons record fine and there is no messed up keycodes. However, when using it I need to press every key twice. The first keypress does not generate any output in xev at all. 
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  14. vardman added a topic in General Questions   

    Will the Streacom edition Flirc work with my case?
    Hi everyone
    I'm currently building a high end HTPC / gaming pc. Please find the complete spec list below.
    As part of its media center functionality, I'd like to be able to control it via a regular IR remote. Flirc seems to be perfect in this regard, but I would also like to be able to power up the system via the remote and I believe the Streacom edition Flirc is the only one to provide this. As seen here:
    I'm using a Bitfenix Prodigy M-ATX. Will I be able to use the Streacom Flirc-SE IR receiver with this case? I understand the module is designed for Streacom builds, but I've seen that people have installed them in other cases. Is it difficult to do so? I can't find much information on the installation process or its compatibility. I wouldn't want to have to send it back if I discover it's not compatible!
    Any information, advice or suggestions would be really appreciated.
    Thanks so much

    **CPU** | [Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor]( | £208.99 @ Aria PC 
    **CPU Cooler** | [be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 35.1 CFM CPU Cooler]( | £19.98 @ Novatech 
    **Motherboard** | [Asus STRIX Z270G Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard]( | £169.97 @ Ebuyer 
    **Memory** | [Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory]( | £109.22 @ Aria PC 
    **Storage** | [Sandisk Ultra II 480GB 2.5" Solid State Drive]( | £128.89 @ Alza 
    **Storage** | [Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive]( | £42.95 @ Amazon UK 
    **Video Card** | [Sapphire Radeon R9 390X 8GB Tri-X OC Video Card]( |-
    **Case** | [BitFenix Prodigy M Arctic White MicroATX Mini Tower Case]( | £67.14 @ Aria PC 
    **Power Supply** | [Corsair CSM 650W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply]( | £64.99 @ Amazon 
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  15. herwig added a topic in General Questions   

    Problem: Delay when starting up
    Hi Support,
    Hardware: RasPi3 with LibreELEC 8.0.0 (newest version), Kodi 17 (newest version), newest Flirc.
    Remote: old WD Live and brand new XBOX One controller.
    Booting the RasPi and Kodi takes about 10 seconds. Fine.
    Problem: When I press a button on the remote, it is not recognized by Flirc. Pressing it repeatedly reveals that I have to wait another 20 seconds before a button press is recognized by Flirc. And then I have to wait another 20 seconds before the next button press is recognized (!). It takes about 45 seconds before all buttons are recognized by Flirc. Then the situation is normal and I can use Kodi with a remote via Flirc. This happens for both remotes, so the remote is not the problem.
    In the dmesg log of LibreELEC i see that Flirc is recognized very early during the boot process.
    When I boot up RasPi/Kodi without Flirc, wait a minute and then add Flirc, the response is very similar. At first, buttons are not recognized, then sluggish, and only after 45 seconds Flirc and Remote are fully working.
    When I insert Flirc into a Mac, Flirc works instantly.
    A logitech keyboard using logitech wireless dongle on the RasPi/Kodi works instantly.
    Any Idea what's the cause for the delay?
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  16. yawor added a post in a topic Controlling multiple firesticks with one remote   

    Correct me if I understand this incorrectly.
    You want to use Flirc to automate your process of installing your software by connecting multiple Flircs with exactly the same configuration to multiple firesticks and do the same action on all of them at the same time by controlling them from a single remote.
    If above is correct, then I think it's possible to do that. But there are some things you need to be sure for this to work:
    You need to be able to connect Flirc to firestick. As it doesn't have an USB type A port you need an OTG Y cable for each of your sticks. You also need the ADB USB debugging to be turned off (turning it on disabled the USB host functionality in firestick). This may be a problem if you need ADB to be enabled for some reason (I don't know if firestick has USB debugging turned on or off by default).You need to be sure, that every firestick is at exactly the same state after powering on (the same menu item should be selected) or some way to synchronise them. I don't know firetv/firestick at all, but maybe there's some key you can send that always selects first menu position or something like that. This would allow you to sync all devices before starting your installation procedure.Flirc is generally a very sensitive IR receiver (I have mine behind the TV without the direct line of sight and it still works 100%) so it shouldn't be any problem, but for a setup like that you would probably want every Flirc to be equally exposed to the IR signal from the remote to be sure that every key press is properly received.In the end, it's up to you to test all of this as I'm not aware of anyone using Flirc in that way :).
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  17. Thegizmogeeks added a topic in How To   

    Controlling multiple firesticks with one remote
    Good Evening! 
    We are having a bit of an issue here that hopefully this product can help. We have software that needs to be manually installed in each firestick. The only problem is we have to use several different remotes on several different monitors and TVs. We are looking for a solution where we are able to control multiple fire sticks with one remote and essentially only have one connected to a monitor. The rest would be simply connected to power. We are simply looking for ways to improve our process. Please let me know if you have any questions I've done my best of my abilities to explain this clearly. 
    Thank you. 
    The Gizmo Geeks Team 
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  18. jason added a post in a topic Newbie, am probably missing something obvious   

    That's so you can load Kodi on it. It disables regular USB and I think turns into some proprietary jtag interface.
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  19. nobbynobs added a post in a topic Newbie, am probably missing something obvious   

    Ahh, it's on, that much I know as months ago I altered the default sleep settings.  I'm curious as to why Adb state matters?  All the same, will disable and re-test.  Thanks!
    UPDATE: yup, that was it.  Turned off Adb (and USB debugging which now makes more sense as to why Adb state matters) and boom, it works perfectly.
    Thank you for all your help, now I can finish configuring everything.
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  20. jason added a post in a topic Newbie, am probably missing something obvious   

    Yes that's correct. Make sure Adb debugging is off in your firetv settings
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  21. nobbynobs added a post in a topic Newbie, am probably missing something obvious   

    Jason, many thanks for the quick reply.
    So I'm on the right track in that case as I've done just that in the MyHarmony application.  Inserted Flirc into the FireTV, selected that device on the remote and yet no response to my key presses.  In which case I'm inclined to wonder in the USB port is functioning as from what I gather from your advice, the Harmony / Flirc at that point would be sufficiently configured to let me use the harmony to navigate the FireTV gui and presumably Kodi too?
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  22. jason added a post in a topic Newbie, am probably missing something obvious   

    Better documentation is on it's way.
    This is all you need to do:
    1. Fire up harmony, and add the manufacturer Flirc, and device firetv to your harmony
    You don't need my software, I worked with harmony to add built in support. But since you already paired something, plug it in, fire up the Flirc GUI, and format the device. That's it. Plug it into your harmony, the codes are in Read only memory on flirc.
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  23. nobbynobs added a topic in General Questions   

    Newbie, am probably missing something obvious
    Hi all, 
    I recently picked up a v2 Flirc with the intention of using it with a Harmony 650 to control a FireTV, primarily for an instance of Kodi, but ideally to extend the usage to other apps on the FireTV (Netflix etc.) and to navigate around the FireTV gui.
    From what I've read, this is a pretty straightforward process, but for some reason I'm either missing something obvious during the setup, or something isn't working as expected as I can't get the FireTV to react to any keypress on the Harmony.  
    I've jumped around a fair bit during trying to get this working, but essentially my steps involved running the Flirc GUI on PC, whereby it recognized the Flirc device and did an initial firmware update.  I selected FireTV as the controller profile and pretty much did no more with the GUI as at the time I'd not yet configured the Harmony remote. I also read that there's no need to pair when using a Harmony, so figured there wasn't anything else needed on the Flirc side to configure.
    I added a new Flirc / Fire TV device in the Harmony application and performed a sync.  I kept it simple and created no activities for the moment as I just wanted to prove the process was working.
    Installed Flirc into the usb port on FireTV and on the Harmony remote, selected the Flirc / FireTV device I'd created.
    At this point I'd expect the FireTV to react to Harmony remote keypresses.  Admittedly I was uncertain as to whether the FireTV at the home screen would recognize the keypresses or whether only when in Kodi. I loaded Kodi which also did not recognize any keypress.
    I'm confident the Harmony remote is fine as it's worked ok with other devices in the past.  So my main question is whether I'm missing something obvious in terms of the workflow to set this up, or whether at this point it should be working in which case I can start to consider that perhaps some piece of the hardware not working as expected.

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  24. yawor added a post in a topic 64 bit version of GUI for Linux   

    There is 64bit version available. It's been for a long time now.
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  25. drloser added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    Great news. I just bought 2 Flirc receivers. Thanks a lot for your answers!
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