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  1. Sorka added a post in a topic Please help - Flirc + Harmony + Intel NUC (Linux Mint) + Kodi   

    I have the new flirc and the old one. Never heard of the SE edition! What would you do in my situation? Thanks for the response! 
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  2. yawor added a post in a topic Please help - Flirc + Harmony + Intel NUC (Linux Mint) + Kodi   

    Which version of Flirc do you have? Only Flirc-SE has an ability to power on the PC from full power off mode.
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  3. Sorka added a topic in How To   

    Please help - Flirc + Harmony + Intel NUC (Linux Mint) + Kodi
    Hey guys, 
    I really need some help since I tried endless attemps to set this one thing up and just couldn't do it: power on the htpc. 
    I use Linux Mint on a Intel Nuc (the one without IR) and a Flirc to control Kodi. How do I set it up to power on the Htpc from Power off mode? Is it possible? I tried different step-by-step guides but so far it never worked! 
    Thanks in advance and best regards from Switerland! 
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  4. yawor added a post in a topic Logitech Profile   

    @Peter847 the standard Logitech protocol (the one used in PS3 adapter) is already well known. But this one looks a little different, at least based on @JimBoutit lircd file.
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  5. Peter847 added a post in a topic Logitech Profile   

    This going back a while and my memory is fading on this subject but I did do a lot of work trying to decode the standard Harmony protocol so I could add some extra features. But I think it is proprietary, you either use it as is or try one of the standard protocols with your own button mappings. 
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  6. Shodan13 added a post in a topic FLIRC disconnected after going to sleep   

    Any news? I'm trying to get my Intel NUC7i3BNH to wake from hibernation with no success so far. Windows 10 isn't really helping either, I can't enable "Allow device to wake Computer" in device manager or through the elevated command prompt for the USB hub.
    EDIT: Just tried it on my Windows 8.1 desktop and it wakes up from hibernation with no extra configuration, just the basic install.
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  7. yawor added a post in a topic Logitech Profile   

    It's probably a proprietary Logitech protocol. Maybe @jason know some details. From what I can see it's similar (but not the same) as a protocol used by Logitech for their PS3 adapter.
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  8. JimBoutit added a post in a topic Logitech Profile   

    I have interest in this [old] topic as well.  I've got a setup where I've got two raspberry pi's relaying iR signals using web services.  My FLIRC is setup for a Harmony and when trying to configure lirc to understand the signals it fails to match any known protocols.  I was able to get the buttons to map in RAW mode, but I'd much prefer a standardized configuration.  Can we get a dev to chime in and tell us what iR protocol you guys are using when configured with a Harmony remote?
    I've attached the raw config I came up with for reference.
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  9. mrgee added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    no i didnth think was supposed to and i dont know how i am to use at-163 and a nvidia shield profile to harmony software . i added at-163 on harmony software and nvidia shield profile on flirc ?
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  10. Robawesome added a post in a topic Flirc Gen 2 - Fire TV picks up Media center commands   

    Jason, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did copy the profile from the gen 1 to the gen 2 with the same results. I have attached the gen 1 firetv profile, and the gen 2 fire tv profile before I overwrote it with the gen 1 profile.
    I have 7 devices and 5 activities on the harmony one.
    Devices: MS Media Center, Samsung TV, Samsung BD Player, Yamaha Receiver, Fire TV, Comcast Cable Box, Light controller
    Activities: Cable, Media Center, Blu-Ray, Fire TV, Chrome cast
    I attached screen shots of the devices.
    The Harmony 700 is set up nearly identical with the same results.
    Thanks again for all of your help and such quick response!

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  11. ixian added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    Did you also add the Nvidia Shield preset itself to your Harmony profile? Don't just use the AT-163, use them both. 
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  12. markb81 added a post in a topic Contextual menu Kodi   

    Well the reason I asked was that I had quite a lot of trouble adding the contextual menu to my menu button on my harmony one remote. The holding OK for a long time doesn't function on Harmony One.
    I noticed that my menu button on my remote just was not functioning. I fixed it by adding the contextual menu action to the button on the Flirc device (in MyHarmony). I then could bind the menu button to the full keyboard C key. I did add the contextual menu action to the menu button in my 'watch a movie action', however to funtion on Flirc that's not enough. It needs to be added to the Flirc Device in MyHarmony.
    So it was more of a Harmony issue then a Flirc issue. Finding this method I needed to google. It would be more userfriendly to just add the button to the layout, because the Flirc software speaks for itself and can be installed/configured without the need for googling.
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  13. jason added a post in a topic Flirc Gen 2 - Fire TV picks up Media center commands   

    No idea why the first wasn't picking up commands. It's the same profile for the gen 1 and gen 2? On your harmony, how many profiles do you have that are involved on the setup? Is it one for the fire tv ad one for the media center?
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  14. Robawesome added a topic in General Questions   

    Flirc Gen 2 - Fire TV picks up Media center commands
    I have had a 1st gen Flirc for a long time and it has been working great plugged into my FireTV. I have a harmony one remote that controls a windows 7 media center and the fire TV with no problems. I just "upgraded" to the 2nd generation Flirc and when I use the media center the Flirc picks up directional and enter commands. I accidently rented a movie that way. 
    I now have 2 nearly identical setups in my house, one uses windows 7 media center and fire tv with Flirc gen 1 and harmony one remote, the other uses windows 7 media center, fire tv Flirc gen 2 and harmony 700. I have swapped the Flirc's and get the same results with the gen 2 picking up the commands. 
    Any idea how to get the Flirc Gen 2 to ignore the commands like the 1st gen did?
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  15. mrgee added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    hi using harmony 650 
    as for button to power it of i dont know exacty. ive followed your instructions ,but you dont mention anything about configuring a power of button using flirc , i presumed the back button configured in flirc would take controll of that as on original nvidia remote press and hold back button brings up shutdown menu pop up , but not when using harmony 650 it seems its only registerred as a single press back button, holding the back button does nothing except go back ,
    i dont see how i can assign an actual key in harmony software to shut down as you cant register a key command from nvidia remote as its not ir unless im missing something 
    any ideas ?
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  16. ixian added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    What Harmony are you using?

    What is assigned to power on/off?
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  17. yawor added a post in a topic Command Line Sensitivity Setting   

    I don't think so. Which Flirc do you have and which remote control? If it's an universal remote, then what device profile are you trying to use?
    It's important to know, that Flirc's IR receiver is really sensitive and you should not point your remote directly at it from a short distance during recording, because the receiver may receive overdriven signal which can be misinterpreted. You should either record your buttons from some distance or point the remote in a different direction (for example at the ceiling). The signal will bounce off a ceiling or walls and will go back to the receiver with much less power.
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  18. adambollinger added a post in a topic Command Line Sensitivity Setting   

    Oh I see. The reason I was asking is because I'm getting a lot of "Button already exists" messages and I read something in another thread that mentioned changing the sensitivity level to 0. Would interkey delay help with my issue?
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  19. yawor added a post in a topic Command Line Sensitivity Setting   

    There was never a sensitivity setting. You're probably referring to interkey delay setting. It's still supported for Flirc v1 (or 1st gen: Flirc USB in plastic cover and Flirc SE). For Flirc v2 (or 2nd gen) it's not supported anymore as the key repeat detection algorithm has been changed so that setting isn't needed.
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  20. adambollinger added a topic in General Questions   

    Command Line Sensitivity Setting
    Is setting sensitivity still supported in the command line? flirc_util.exe help doesn't list anything related to sensitivity.
    Thanks in advance!
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  21. yawor added a post in a topic Can I have Flirc NOT wake my monitor?   

    There's nothing Flirc can do about that. It's an operating system's feature. I don't know Mac OS so I can't say for sure, but I don't think this is possible. But you can look into some OS power settings or something like that.
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  22. 2oh1 added a topic in How To   

    Can I have Flirc NOT wake my monitor?
    I use Flirc with a Mac and I love it, except for one thing...  if my Mac's monitor is asleep, pressing a button on my remote wakes my monitor instead of executing the assigned hotkey.  I'd like to be able to have my monitor stay asleep.
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  23. vardman added a post in a topic Flirc SE problems. Windows 10 won't recognize. Help please!   

    Since I've had no response, here or the support email, I've been forced to conclude that the device is faulty and I've returned it.
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  24. mrgee added a post in a topic Adding support for Nvidia Shield TV   

    ixian can you help please . i have 16gb 2017 version i was having same issue as other member above with device not turning off, everything else works but it just wont turn of so i followed the above instructions , 
    i have deleted activity and device ViewTV AT-163 . synced device to clear it 
    ive added device ViewTV AT-163 and created actvity,
    ive wiped the flirc and re registered nvidia controlls in flirc manually , 
    ive added only info key and c context menu key for kodi.
    everything working fine but it will not turn of , could i be missing something ? 
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  25. Unread added a post in a topic FLIRC not working after programming   

    I have this very same problem. I am running Flirc on Windows 7 pro with a Logitech Harmony 350 remote. I can see in the GUI Flirc is connected and says its recording keys. But outside of the GUI the remote does nothing at all. I have confirmed the Flirc and remote work fine on my Mac computer with the default Kodi profiles. I have tried reinstalling, reprogramming remote, Zadig driver install, but nothing is getting it to work on my Windows HTPC.
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